The Lightning Matrix Perpetual Circulation Shared Income Model Turned Out

The Lightning Matrix welcomes the tide of the digital economy era, rises against the wind, and emerges at the historic moment!

The current digital economy is surging, history has crossed the network, and the era of digitalization, automation and intelligence has officially entered. The production methods, marketing methods, and value creation methods have all undergone fundamental changes. The Lightning Matrix welcomes the tide of the digital economy era, rises against the wind, and emerges at the historic moment! Lightning Matrix breaks the traditional boundaries and uses the world's latest blockchain technology to create a smart contract that can run continuously and automatically, opening a new era of marketing for all people and co-creation and sharing of revenue!

Break the wildness of consensus and create the most efficient and valuable consensus dissemination. The Lightning Matrix subverts and replaces traditional marketing methods, and is fully integrated with the digital economy. The nationwide smart contract marketing TRON requires only 2000 TRX TRON coins and less than $50. You can immediately open the market and continue to leverage TRX. income. Why does Lightning Matrix use TRON as the home field of decentralized marketing?
First of all, since its inception, TRON has been widely recognized by the industry. It has become one of the top ten public chain projects by market capitalization after many public chains. Even after many rounds of bear market tests, it remains firmly in the "C position" of the currency circle.

Second, as one of the world’s five largest public chains, TRON has at least 25 times the value growth space compared to Ethereum, which has a market value of US$3277. It is currently in the value depression of TRON. Once nationwide marketing is carried out, volume and price will take off. Will get the most benefit.

Third, the mainstream TRX currency has reached a consensus that players are not easy to be cut leek and cause currency losses.

Multi-dimensional analysis of the future market and value of TRON, new trends, new opportunities, new battlefields, and new models are now in sight. Lightning matrix smart contracts can continue to increase the liquidity of the TRX market, and at the same time create a continuous cycle of sharing for users. How does the specific income proceed?

First, the matrix design of the Lightning Network. There are 10 cascade matrices in the system, with levels ranging from one to ten. The lowest level cost is 2000 TRX. The next level is twice as expensive as the previous level, and the revenue is twice as high. All matrices can be purchased at once, but each level of matrix resetting starts 2 times and must be upgraded to the next level. After the level is upgraded, it can be reset indefinitely to obtain perpetual loop benefits.

Second, the node design of the Lightning Network. Each level of the matrix has 6 nodes, the first level has two nodes, and the second level has four nodes. Players can choose the lowest level matrix and invite partners to fill the matrix to start the journey of decentralized marketing and commission income. Invite 1 person, return 98% of the cost; invite 2 people, the income 98%+28%=126%, fill a matrix, you can get at least 2.52 times the cost of the matrix. Just push 2 points directly, the matrix that belongs to you can run automatically, and you can get the ecological benefits of the continuous fission of this matrix.

Third, the smart contract of the Lightning Network. The Lightning Matrix is deployed on the smart contract of the TRON public chain. The code is 100% open source. All programs run automatically, and no one can change or close it. It is 100% transparent, fair, just, and open. All the money invested by the player does not go through anyone. There are only smart contracts. The smart contract is settled on the chain and automatically transferred. There is no capital pool, 0 bubble, 0 risk, never run off, never close the network, your biggest loss comes from the time to join the Lightning Matrix National Marketing TRX too late.

Detonating the next round of bull market, the Lightning Matrix will change the traditional consensus method of the blockchain world, breaking the traditional mode of making money, and the point-to-point consensus will be directly realized, the increment will not stop, the profit will not stop, and the volume and price will fly infinitely to leverage TRX.

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