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The law firm exposes the truth behind innocent until proven guilty.

Under United States law, one is innocent until proven guilty, yet this doesn't mean one can't be arrested under suspicion of guilt. When a law enforcement officer believes he or she has cause to take a citizen into custody, doing so is easier than many believe. The person being charged with the crime must then post bail, if required, and appear in a courtroom to hear the state's case and see if they can prove the charges. Anyone in this situation would benefit from the help of a Orange County Defense Law firm.

In Orange County, one accused of driving under the influence needs legal representation immediately as he or she risks jail time, penalties, and the suspension of his or her driver's license, among other consequences. Being arrested, however, does not mean one is automatically found guilty. With the help of the right DUI attorney in Orange County, one may be able to get the charges reduced, if not dropped completely.

"Drivers often assume the field sobriety test and results of the breathalyzer test are the only two pieces of evidence and that most convictions are based on these two tests. In reality, DUI cases tend to gather a lot of evidence, and each piece must follow strict protocols and rules before it may be admitted at the trial. One mistake by those prosecuting the case, and the person may be found not guilty which is why one needs an experienced DUI attorney, to ensure all laws are followed by those responsible for handling the matter," Charmaine Druyor, an Orange County criminal defense attorney, declares.

Domestic violence cases tend to be tricky as they often involve two parties accusing the other of crimes, yet there may be a lack of evidence. Due to the nature of the crime, a domestic violence attorney in Orange County needs to be called in immediately as a temporary restraining order may be issued against either defendant in situations where an arrest is made.

"Care must be taken to not violate the restraining order or to have it removed as the slightest violation can come with harsh penalties. In addition, the person charged with the crime often finds he or she has nowhere to live as they cannot have contact with the party living in their residence. Situations such as this require the experience of an attorney who regularly handles domestic violence matters and many turn to the Law Offices of Charmaine Druyor for help," Druyor continues.

The Law Offices of Charmaine Druyor assists clients with a wide range of criminal matters. When one has a warrant out for his or her arrest, the office needs to be informed and the same holds true when one is accused of a theft. "The attorneys at the Law Offices of Charmaine Druyor understands these types of situations and are ready and willing to help so call today," Druyor states.

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The Law Offices of Charmaine Druyor handles a wide variety of criminal defense matters, ranging from assault and battery to carjacking and DUI, with the goal being to make a difference in the life of the client, by preventing him or her from suffering harsh consequences of their actions when these consequences are unwarranted. Each case receives individual attention with the goal being to obtain the most favorable outcome, possibly involving dismissal of the case. Free consultations provide potential clients with the opportunity to determine if the law offices are a good fit before they commit to an attorney.

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