The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi Now Offering Free Eviction Resources

The firm wants to help landlords avoid wasting time and money as they navigate the frustrating tenant eviction process, reports

The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi is excited to announce that their firm is offering free resources to landlords facing the difficult eviction process with one or more of their tenants. Right now, landlords can visit the firm's website to download Free Eviction Legal Forms to serve proper notice to their tenants as well as schedule a free consultation with the Guerra & Seyedi team to learn about their legal options and see how they can get their case resolved as soon as possible.

"Eviction can be a tricky thing to navigate for many landlords. In addition to not having a full understanding of the laws that govern the eviction process, many find themselves losing time and money as they get dragged into the tenant's messy life story. Fortunately, our team is here to offer landlords an alternative to this often-frustrating ordeal. We specialize in representing landlords in eviction cases, which means we're equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle the process from start to finish and get results in a much quicker time frame," said Tracy Guerra, an Eviction Attorney in Long Beach CA at the helm of The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi.

All of Guerra & Seyedi's free legal forms can be downloaded individually in .PDF format from the law firm's website. In addition to the forms, the website also provides landlords with a plethora of information about which forms to use in particular situations as well as providing them with free California Civil Code resources to help them understand and navigate the rules and regulations surrounding the eviction process.

Guerra went on to say, "As tenants' lawyers become more sophisticated with their tactics, it's important for landlords to work with a legal team that knows how to thwart them. Frivolous motions, bankruptcies, appeals, and even jury trials have now become the norm when tenants are trying to fight the eviction, which means landlords need the Best Eviction Lawyer on their side beating every potential delay so that a successful resolution is reached in a timely manner. We are that team, and with 50,000 evictions already under our belt and a 99.99 percent success rate, we look forward to helping even more landlords get the justice they deserve."

About The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi:

The team at ASAP Evictions (The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi) understands that when someone is on a landlord's property and not paying them rent, every day counts. Landlords cannot afford to get dragged into their tenant's story of why they can't pay the rent. Consequently, the attorneys at The Law Office of Guerra & Seyedi help clients initiate the legal process right away so that they don't lose more time and money waiting. Specializing in representing landlords, the firm handles the entire eviction process from start to finish, keeping the landlord informed of progress, ensuring each critical step is done properly, and aggressively working toward a speedy resolution.

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