The Law Office of Daniel Griffin To Offer Comprehensive Defense In DUI Cases

The Law Office of Daniel Griffin is helping many people overturn DUI convictions, crafting a legal defense that helps clients lessen their charges or eliminate them altogether.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense, as doing so can seriously endanger both the driver and the broader society around them. This is why the penalties for drunk driving are often very severe. But the process of establishing a DUI is not as straightforward as some might think, leading to some people being wrongfully convicted. The Law Office of Daniel Griffin understands these complex processes implicitly, and can help people wrongfully convicted to either reduce or overturn their sentence.

A former U.S. Marine and a former Rhode Island prosecutor who has lectured to state and police attorneys on how to get convictions, there is no one better placed to see through the methodologies used in wrongful convictions, expose them and overturn them. Those seeking a Rhode Island DUI lawyer will find the perfect candidate in Daniel Griffin.

On the RI DUI lawyer’s website, there is a breakdown of some of the most common causes for DUI conviction, including breathalyzer and chemical test refusal, as well as common myths around DUI convictions, including fault rates on the tests, myths about charges, and what to do immediately after an arrest.

A spokesperson for The Law Office of Daniel Griffin explained, “DUI’s are never as simple as they may at first seem, and in order for the law to function effectively, these convictions must stand up to the most rigorous challenges in order to stand. That is why Daniel Griffin decided to take up DUI defense, and he has since been shocked to discover the number of convictions wrongfully upheld. He now makes it his mission to overturn as many of these as possible. We encourage anyone newly convicted in Rhode Island to get in touch and seek representation in court.”

About The Law Office of Daniel Griffin: The Law Office of Daniel Griffin is a full-service law firm providing aggressive DUI defense to all clients. As a former prosecutor, attorney Daniel Griffin has a unique perspective which gives him an edge in every case. Located in Cranston, RI and serving Providence and Newport, he offers a detailed, personalized and compassionate approach to every case, ensuring clients get the best possible outcome.

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