The JPEX Trading Platform is Officially Launched, a Real Shortcut Leading the Development of the Industry

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JPEX exchange has adhered to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness since its inception, and put the safety of users' funds in the first place.

In recent years, the term blockchain has frequently appeared in people's sight. From the beginning of not being understood to today's blockchain era, it has achieved unprecedented rapid development.

However, many trading platforms have stalls and delays, or even run off the Internet, which will bring huge economic losses and a crisis of trust. In the historical process of lack of supervision, users not only enjoy the industry development dividends, but also pay for various black-box operations, guarding theft, and security issues.

Therefore, the industry needs a more professional team and a more structured technical team to complete historical changes and change the development status of exchanges, so that decentralized exchanges can also quickly and stably process high concurrent transactions, and improve the efficiency and fault tolerance of the system from the bottom. Ability to ensure the safety of users’ funds.

Under such an industry background, the JPEX trading platform is officially launched-a trading system that gradually changes from centralized and multi-centralized to decentralized integration, community autonomy and sharing.

JPEX exchange has adhered to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness since its inception, and put the safety of users' funds in the first place. JPEX exchange is based on multi-signature, offline signature, hierarchical architecture and other security designs. Reasonably uses decoupling technology to realize complete separation of control and isolation between the account layer and the capital layer, ensuring the absolute security of funds, and making every investor’s digital assets truly In your own hands. The ultra-high security measures make JPEX exchange deeply loved by blockchain investors.

In addition, JPEX exchange has extremely strict internal control, passwords, emails, etc. all require secondary verification. For the exchange, security risks mainly come from both internal and external directions. The JPEX Exchange's meticulous security system suppresses all potential hidden dangers in the cradle. Behind such a mundane goal to be a safe, secure, simple and easy-to-use trading platform, JPEX exchange has invested unimaginable efforts, and it has also obtained returns that exceed expectations.

Although there is no promotion and no rankings, the strength and development of the JPEX exchange are obvious to all. In major media outlets, the JPEX exchange has appeared frequently and has been rated as an innovative consensus exchange with high research value.

According to relevant reports, the JPEX exchange is an undervalued exchange in 2020. The core team of the JPEX exchange is composed of top blockchain technical talents, financial risk control experts, and a senior operation team. All products and systems are independently developed. With the world's leading intelligent matching engine, it can ensure the smooth processing of millions of transactions per second, and ensure that contracts are executed in real time without slippage. Unique multi-wallet security protection measures provide users' asset bank-level protection. Since its establishment, JPEX exchange has never had a history of user asset loss.

Since its establishment, JPEX Exchange has invested a lot of energy in multilingual support services while achieving growth. JPEX operation centers are located in five offices around the world. On average, JPEX processes more than 500+ work orders and 1000+ online sessions every day. For complaints, security issues, currency transactions, contract transactions, mining pools, etc., JPEX also has dedicated seats to provide users with support.

Based on existing operating capabilities, JPEX can support all-day trading services in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

In the future, JPEX customer service will support more than 7 languages. JPEX plans to seek opportunities in Southeast Asia and Europe to launch more customer support services to meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions.

When the major exchanges are racking their brains to compete for traffic, the JPEX Exchange insists on its ordinary "small goals", concentrates on deep cultivation, is cautious, and focuses on the security of neglected user assets, turning others' neglect into attention , Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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