The Jones Law Firm Receives An Award For Having The Highest Success Rate In The Country

The firm was founded a few years ago by J. Eric Jones and it has been offering their services ever since. J. Eric Jones specializes in business law and measures one of the highest success rate among all lawyers in the firm.

Having a good lawyer is extremely important and it can make a difference on the court. A good thing is the fact there are a lot of them, however, not all of them are great in the thing they do. Luckily, the United States pays attention to successful and effective law firms so the county can help to ordinary people in choosing the best provider.

United States: 8 February 2016

Jacksonville: The Jones Law Firm today receives an award for having the highest success rate in the country. According to the analysis, the success rate of the firm is 94%. It is an effect of well-educated and experienced personnel. In addition, the firm is very realistic, according to the additional reviews and it has been well-known for having a good relations with clients. The award is going to be accepted later today in Jacksonville.

The spokesperson of the company said: “Receiving this award really means a lot to us. We like being at the top of the business and having our clients 100% satisfied. On the other side, this award doesn’t mean that we are going to start doing our job poorly. After all, we are here to help people and we want to do just that. Although, 94% success rate is high, we are trying to improve it even more. Later this year, we are going to start hiring fresh minds that should help us towards our goal. It sounds impossible, but our goal is to be 100% successful. We won’t stop until we reach it.”

The Jones Law Firm is trying to help to people from the whole United States. They made their first success when they represented some of the companies that were on the Fortune 500 list. After that, they were treated as a serious law firm that cares about clients and is very successful. The company is also well-known for the fact they can make deals and are capable of leading great negotiations. In addition, the company is increasing the number of the clients.
Although, this award means that they are very good at what they do, it doesn’t mean that they are successful in 100% of cases. Of course, this isn’t possible, which the company admits. In addition, the company has some of the highest requirements when hiring new people.

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