The Jedi Token Revolutionizes the Blockchain Ecosystem with Complete Openness and Transparency

The Force is a meme currency that started as a clone of a previous BSC token. The Force wishes to carry on the promise of the original token while accomplishing it with absolute honesty and openness.

$JEDI was released in response to the rug pulling of the Death Star token. When the developer had enough scams, he convened a few crypto traders and began discussing launching a clone. The purpose at the core of this project is a genuine community token created by and for the people. The group intended to develop a coin with sound tokenomics, healthy distribution, and an honest team.

In essence, the Force is a meme currency that started as a clone of a previous BSC token. The last token was stealth launched before the contract was migrated and funds stolen by dark side developers. The Force wishes to carry on the promise of the original token while accomplishing it with absolute honesty and openness.

Over the first 24 hours, the Force token's market capitalization increased from $3,000 to $700,000 and found a support level at $25,000. During a single day, the number of holders climbed by more than 200. The impact of FOMO was significant, with the price of JEDI rising to more than ten times the cost of one bitcoin in a matter of minutes. The Force relied on grassroots social media posts from community members to do early marketing.

The $JEDI design was created in the telegram chat room by the team. Every item was put to the group and voted on, from the logo to the transaction tax. The community started making meme contests that provided the memes. The team then published the validated contract on BSC using the mudra service. One of the most secure and often used methods of creating a bep20 token. Every decision was made in an open, transparent manner and through consensus. The goal was to come up with the most robust cryptocurrency they could.

When JEDI was created, one of the main goals was to build a currency with wallet limitations, so that vast quantities of coins could not be amassed by "whales." The token intends to raise awareness of rug pulls, the developers who profit from them, and why it is better to construct a cryptocurrency free of fraud. The community subsequently lobbied for a transaction size limit, so that vast wallet wouldn't be able to dump everything at once. Everyone agreed that the token would need liquidity, which would be provided by imposing a transaction tax. The team also added reflections for coin holders to be compensated for every transaction. In addition, a marketing fee was included in the design to ensure the token's long-term viability and sustainability.

Anti-whale measures consist of a 2 percent maximum wallet and a 1 percent maximum order size. Furthermore, the high liquidity ratio assures that the token will not be affected by significant drops in value and will continue to ride to the moon. Overall,
buy and sell transactions are subject to a 10 percent tax, with 6 percent going to liquidity, 2 percent going to $JEDI holders, and 2 percent going to the marketing wallet.

The crew added 5 BNB and 98% of the $JEDI supply to pancake swap and fair launched it into the world. The tokens from the liquidity pool were then sent to the burn address, ensuring that they could never be drained. These steps were taken to give JEDI holders confidence in the project and create a good supply distribution. A single post on a cryptocurrency message board quickly grew into a telegram group, a Twitter account, a subreddit, and a website. It was backed by a passionate community of cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts.

The Force team pledges to go to whatever lengths necessary for success to earn your trust and faith in them. It includes valuing JEDI holders' opinions and using their ideas to help grow the Force project.

Strange tokenomics, a team of seasoned crypto investors, and humorous memes are all part of the package for this coin. As the newest geek token, it has vast potential and a terrific community working to see it take off and reach the stars. By purchasing $JEDI, you will be showing scamming developers that there's value in running crypto honestly and transparently.

About Jedi: The Force is a meme coin, which started as a clone of a previous BSC token. To buy the exclusive Jedi Token, join Telegram and Twitter to connect. To buy the token, visit this contract address 0x8de07304bbe4767dd20b0914c16709b04b5e6087 .

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