"The Invisible Game" Receives a Revised and Expanded Edition on Paperback and e-Book

The first ever book on the mindset of esports, “The Invisible Game” receives a revision in its new edition. The expanded version is available both on paperback as well as e-book. Interested customers can get it from Amazon on 19thSeptember, 2017.

The new edition of “The Invisible Game” is finally ready. The esports psychology book has received a rework on its contents and the expanded edition is available both on paperback and e-Book versions.

The book “The Invisible Game” discusses the mindset of e-sports and the psychology of the winners. It talks about the impact of positive thinking and how gamers can prepare themselves, both physically and mentally. According to author, Zoltan Andrejkovics, “For every Gamer, besides having the perfect combination of best skills and best strategy, it is equally essential to have proper mental development. This book for gamers is intended to aware them of their inner wisdom and thought process.”

The latest, expanded edition of the book contains more current stories related to traditional sports to show the positive attitude for professional gamers. The author has drawn also examples from Alison Ledgerwood’s Getting Stuck in the Negative and other fresh studies from the world of psychology.

The book also addresses various other queries, confusions and doubts that most players come across along with solutions to handle those effectively. According to Zoltan Andrejkovics, almost every player experiences such psychological phenomenon but very few can win over. “Winning is all about having a perfect mental balance during peak performances,” said the author. “The Invisible Game” has something new and interesting for every e-Athlete. It will guide them towards various intricacies of professional gaming.

Zoltanhas also made further detailing on the aspects of becoming a successful professional gamer. Several chapters have been dedicated to this major query, supported by relevant information that will help an interested individual get a successful career. Besides the expansion, this book has got a new cover, promoting new set of thoughts and motivation.

Since the publishing of its first edition on 9thMay, 2016, it has received much appreciation from the gaming worldas the best positive mindset books. Considering this 1st year’s success, now the book is going to be translated into two other languages expanding its reach to a larger audience. It’ll be first released in Hungarian version on 19thOctober, 2017. Its Chinese version will be released next in 2018.

The new paperback version of this book will have 200 pages.Customers can avail it on Amazon from 19thSeptember, 2017.

About the author:

The author of the first e-sports book dealing the games’ metal side, Zoltan Andrejkovics is also the Managing Director of Docler eSport llc. Passionate about interpersonal psychology, team dynamics, competitive gaming and eSports. His real life experiences on how a team can achieve a realistic goal together have inspired him in writing “The Invisible Game”.

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