The Integration of Finance and Technology, Time Space Network, TSN Brings New Financial Infrastructure

Time Space Network, TSN promotes the development and application of global blockchain and digital assets.

In recent years, the digital currency market has witnessed ups and downs. After a sharp drop, the market has seen a slump, but this still cannot stop people's enthusiasm. Obviously, the blockchain and digital currency have profoundly changed the traditional financial industry, and raises an invisible financial storm.

As Fin-tech advances, the information flow is smoother. Intelligently matched the supply and demand sides, optimized the intermediate processes of the traditional financial industry, and the new products, new formats, and new models are constantly emerging, which constantly supports the innovative vitality for financial development. The core of financial technology is to effectively combine blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other high-tech, thereby promoting the efficiency and service capabilities of financial enterprises throughout the life cycle of financial services.

Based on Global Digital Financial Development, Creating a Value Consensus in Modern Era.

As the information technology surges, human civilization has entered a new height, and the rise of digital currency is reshaping people's value consensus. As the blockchain and digital currency advances, it is likely to create a digital financial system that enjoys a great popularity.

SFY Global Ventures, based on the top technology of the information industry like blockchain, big data, and cloud computing, is committed to solving the industry's shortcomings in the digital financial field concerning opaque structure, insecure assets, and data tampering. It is designed to become a powerful force in global digital commerce, thus offering global users a truly new reliable, transparent, and tamper-proof digital financial ecosystem.

As an important strategic development platform of SFY Global Ventures, Space-time Network is positioning the project value as per international standards and offering users a brand-new solution in financial ecology. Time Space Network, TSN promotes the development and application of global blockchain and digital assets. It gathers global elites and benefits global users by building a decentralized infrastructure and digital finance full scene ecology for the future digital economy.
Building Digital Assets Closed Loop Circulation Scene and Application Ecology Based on Time Space Network, TSN
As the infrastructure platform of the future digital economy, it will provide the following three functions in the community ecology: First, connect all service objects, collect and process data of all business transactions and scene activities, and provide payment settlement function; Second, offer service matching pursuant to the requirements of service objects, including the matching of capital and assets, and the matching of value-added services; Third, connect with external service organizations to provide accounting, consulting, credit enhancement and other services for user economic activities.

Space-time Network, through the unique mechanism of blockchain, forms an incentive value closed-loop economy with efficient circulation in the community ecology, thus achieving the creation, flow, transfer and conversion of value inside and outside the economy, and creating an efficient value ecological cycle.

Based on Space-time Network, the ecological construction strategy of blockchain will lay out application ecology like project incubation, digital asset trading platform, encrypted wallet, digital media, encryption venture capital, Token Research Institute, blockchain and token education institutions, public welfare fund, etc., thereby creating a global integrated blockchain value network, and striving to become the benchmark of financial infrastructure and circulation facilities in the digital economy.

Starting from Time Space Network, TSN, Taking the User Value as the Dependency, with blockchain as the Trust Carrier
Based on the trust consensus of blockchain development, Space-time Network makes trust everywhere. As the social economy develops, more enterprises or individuals will participate in digital economic activities in the future. Time Space Network, TSN will provide a standardized and large-scale platform, thereby helping users obtain various digital economic information services at low cost under the condition of disintermediation, so that every user can gain rich value returns.

With the goal of decentralized finance and win-win benefits, Time Space Network, TSN advances industrial development in the digital era and promotes a new generation of the decentralized financial system. Through the platform integration and optimization of industry resources, Space-time Network continuously enhances its ability of perception, adaptation and promotion of market changes, thus improving the network construction, marketing expansion and system improvement, and rapidly expanding market share, brand awareness and public influence. It is predicted that Space-time Network will attract 1 million SMEs to participate in the network in five years, expand the scale of user groups to 100 million, and the volume of capital circulation will reach trillion level.

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