The Importance of Backup Power for Commercial Facilities

Avoid expensive facility downtime due to a lack of power with help from

A large number of commercial facilities and buildings aren’t fully prepared for emergency situations. Major storms and large-scale power failures that result in complete power loss present serious problems and expensive downtime for businesses and commercial facilities of all types.

According to Shanahan Power, the majority of facilities don’t have an Uninterruptible Power Supply to help keep their facility running if a complete power failure occurred. This is where Shanahan Power wants to intervene and provide Generators to provide the backup needed to keep facilities running, regardless of the situation that occurs.

“According to a recent survey focused on emergency and backup power and power controls, a nationwide sample of facilities executives shows a huge gap between what they have, what they want, and what they need,” stated Shanahan Power spokesperson Diarmuid Shanahan. “While some commercial properties have looked into or purchased emergency or backup power systems and Generators for sale in the past, these systems aren’t always equipped to fully handle a prolonged or complete loss of power.”

Outages resulting from weather-related issues, including all types of severe weather have more than doubled since 2003. These unplanned disturbances are what cause the majority of blackouts. While the U.S. power grid has been slowing working to improve the load capacity and monitoring technology for many years, the ability to handle the increasing load has improved significantly. While this is the case, it does little in regard to the unplanned outage department.

“We understand the mere thought of a total power outage is daunting for any commercial facility manager and owner and many people don’t believe it will happen to them,” continued Shanahan. “Our goal is to help ensure this issue doesn’t stop productivity or cost modern facilities money. We encourage facility managers and owners to reach out to Shanahan Power to learn about the many options available to minimize the negative impact of a significant power outage.”

Additional information about the services offered by Shanahan Power can be found by visiting the company’s website or reaching out to the staff via phone or email.


Shanahan Power is a well-known nationwide provider of back-up power diesel generators along with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The company is dedicated to providing commercial facilities with the solutions needed to ensure costly downtime due to lack of power is avoided.

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