The Impact of Smart Home Tech and it's Impact on the Home Decor Industry

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As smart home tech infiltrates virtually all industries, home decor isn't left unaffected; learn the impact it has had on modern home decor here

While smart home devices seem like an imperative addition to any modern home, the products have, for the most part, come with exteriors that are pretty far from being able to blend in with a home’s décor and aesthetics. However, as technology evolves, and smart technology grows in popularity, the home décor industry is finding a way to implement this smart tech into traditional pieces found in homes prior to the tech-evolution.

When it comes to smart home tech, it is something that affects all parts of the home. If homeowners hire electricians, plumbers, or even a handyman in Orlando, these individuals also have to consider the tech-integrations necessary to make use of the homeowner’s devices. This has transformed the way the industry looks and thinks about décor and the home construction process as a whole.

The options are endless. For example, Alexa or Google Assistant? NFC, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi? Remote controlled or app-controlled? With smart home devices, there are countless options for making the decision more challenging than ever before. However, as homeowners realize the industry is becoming more competitive, they are looking to everyday suppliers, such as flooring manufacturers, and even a regular crown molding company to offering them innovative solutions that can adapt to the tech they have now, and the tech they will likely purchase in the future. This type of forward-thinking is something many companies are finding challenging, but not unwilling to plan for.

The good news is, there are many companies that have already responded by presenting consumers with smart home, tech-integrated devices that appear to be normal, everyday pieces of décor. After all, it’s no longer the 1980s and having a sound system that takes up your entire wall is no longer the “it” thing to do.

One such normal looking piece of home tech is the advanced indoor air purifier offered by Urbie. The product looks like a normal planter, but it’s so much more. Inside, there is a three-in-one air purification system. This smart plant system serves as an eco-friendly air filter to effectively remove any humidity or harmful particles in the air. The condensation in the air is then used to keep the plant watered. There are five smart sensors, and it’s able to track everything that’s going on autonomously.

Another product that is taking the smart home/décor industries by storm is the smart personal air conditioner offered by evaSMART. This super-compact personal AC unit is stylish and sleek while improving overall airflow in the home. It can be placed anywhere and blend in seamlessly while making the space cooler and more comfortable.

There are some experts who have made the claim that this is a situation where those in the home décor industry need to keep up or get left behind. Technology is impacting everything and failure to integrate this into the services offered can lead to the competition getting ahead.

Forward-thinking companies are already taking action and ensuring that the proper steps are being taken to continue meeting the needs of their modern consumers, as new technology is now impacting and dictating the market and what products are most appealing to consumers who put a priority on having and using the latest in smart home tech.

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