The Human Touch Is Central Part of Customer Service Strategy For Successful Companies

Despite trends toward mechanized customer support tools, empowered employees are what really make businesses successful, reports leading service strategist.

Companies are transitioning towards automated customer service processes, but it takes empowered, enthusiastic employees to deliver truly exceptional service, reports customer service guru and president of Service Quality Institute, John Tschohl.

Amidst news that IBM will be utilizing their Watson artificial intelligence to create an automated customer care system, many companies see customer service employees as unnecessary. Not so, says Tschohl.

“Customer service employees are an integral part of any successful company’s workforce,” says Tschohl. “The reason for this is that humans are uniquely able to make customer experience improvement their goal and take it upon themselves to solve problems to the customer’s complete satisfaction.”

“There’s a phrase I like to use called ‘overhappy,’” says Tschohl. “While an automated system might satisfy some customers, it takes the immediate response of an interested person to create this feeling of ‘overhappiness.’”

As reported by the Service Quality Institute, empowerment involves trusting employees to act in the best interest of both the company and customer. According to the Institute, that means companies need to give employees the power to make on-the-spot decisions.

“Working with 100s and 100s of companies over the past 40 years shows that empowered employees are high-quality employees,” reports Tschohl.

To point out the steps individuals can take to become empowered and learn good customer service skills, Tshohl created his latest book and training course on the topic of how to create success in work and life, both titled Moving Up.

Mark Benioff, chairman and CEO of, recommends Moving Up for encouraging employees to strive for better.

“Moving Up provides a blueprint for realizing your full potential and achieving success in your career,” says Benioff.

“Many employers fear what will happen when employees are given too much freedom,” says Tschohl. “However, what most employees – and most customers – want is simply to be treated fairly and with respect. When employees have self-respect and the promise of a bright future, they will work hard to achieve great service.”

Employees and managers interested in learning about Moving Up can visit Service Quality Institute’s website to order copies of the book, and the associated customer service courses.

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