The Growing Importance of Improved Security Measures for Self-Storage Facility

With the self-storage industry growing, it's now more important than ever before to find locations with proactive storage security solutions

Experts have dubbed storage facilities without proper security measures in place being a “haven for thieves,” which means that renters need to be on alert their stored items may not be as safe or secure as they imagined. After paying a monthly rental fee, most renters feel relatively confident their items are safe and secure, never imagining that a break in and complete loss is likely to occur if the facility doesn’t have the proper safety measures in place.

With one in 10 households storing valuables and expensive items in storage facilities across the country, the break-ins have become somewhat of a national crisis. It’s up to storage facility owners, such as First Choice Mini Storage to put the proper safeguards in place to ensure their facility doesn’t wind up on the evening news.

Criminals are smart and they are so smart that it’s easy to get past various security devices. While this is true, onsite security patrols are much more difficult to outsmart. Due to the rates of success on-site storage facility security guards have had, experts are now suggesting that all storage facilities invest in this protective measure. Guards that provide these storage solutions are highly trained, in uniform, and can use GPS tracking, while monitoring surveillance cameras on the property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to eliminate that intruders will gain access to items stored in a storage facility.

While the storage facility industry in the U.S. employees over 170,000 individuals, this is only 3.5 people per facility, which means that security isn’t always a top priority, though it should be. While most facilities use either access-controlled gates or video camera surveillance, it’s not always enough to prevent break-ins and other nefarious acts by criminals.

There’s no question that the use of self-storage and the prevalence of resources and information on storage tips is popular, it doesn’t mean that all facilities are created equal. To ensure a customer finds the right storage facility for their particular needs, they need to evaluate the options to find the ones that best suit their needs. One of the biggest priorities should be security and the security measures that the facility has put in place to protect the items being stored by their clients.

Don’t become a victim. Millions of break-ins, fires, and cases of vandalism are reported annually around the country at low-security storage facilities. Even locations that have installed safety gear, such as cameras and key gate access, still experience illegal acts that wind up costing the customer and the company money. By investing in the services of security guards, it’s possible to avoid this outcome and ensure items are protected, safe, and that no losses are going to occur.

Prior to renting a space, take a tour. Don’t just take the word of the employee that everything is safe, it’s important to see the security measures in place to determine whether the items being stored are going to be safe, throughout the year, or for as long as the items are going tobe stored on-site. With proper security measures, those utilizing storage facilities don’t have to become part of this growing statistic of being a victim of storage facility theft.

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