The Grim & Deliberate Beast Launches on Kickstarter

Company Partners with Funded Today

The Grim & Deliberate Beast has just launched on Kickstarter. They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.

About The Grim & Deliberate Beast

The Grim & Deliberate Beast is an incredibly fun game to play with family and friends. “The battle mat is unrolled, and the chips are in the bowl. Through the deepening dusk, four adventurers trek over a mountain pass and into a rocky clearing. Suddenly they spot the enemy, the party rolls for initiative, and it’s time for combat!”

Ever notice that some combats fall flat? Without an underlying system to vary monster behavior, the identity of combat in many campaigns doesn’t change enough between encounters. So it loses some spark. This is called combat uniformity.

The job of narrative monster combat A. I. for tabletop RPGs is to introduce fluid and rational variance into monster combat behavior, without bogging down the game. Balanced A. I. is both varied and intuitive. But an A. I. that works for Orcs won’t work for Stone Giants. And an A. I. that works for Stone Giants won’t work for Red Dragons. The Grim & Deliberate Beast uses five tiers of d100-rollable narrative A. I. to address five styles of Monsters: Horde, Heroic, Mythical, Undead and Aberrants. With over 200 pages of new D&D related content, monsters you’ve known for years suddenly have new special abilities. This game adds fear and excitement to the table.

Pricing and Availability

The Grim & Deliberate Beast is available to back now on Kickstarter. They are hopeful to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the products are set to produce and ship to all backers by November 2020. The starting price for The Grim & Deliberate Beast is $25 USD.

To learn more about The Grim & Deliberate Beast or to back the campaign, visit their page here.

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