The Future celebrity pet project will be launched soon

A high-end 3D virtual intelligent game network on the chain that integrates AI technology

As we all know, after decades of rapid development, the game industry has now entered a period of stable development. People are gradually accustomed to the existence of games in leisure and entertainment, and the game industry occupies a large market share. However, to a certain extent, stable development also means entering the bottleneck period of development. The technology and market of the game are difficult to expand in the short term, so innovation is urgently needed. At present, new technologies such as Block chain and artificial intelligence (AI) are providing new driving forces for the development bottlenecks and transformation difficulties faced by current game technologies.

It is reported that a game network named Future celebrity pet will be launched soon, which is a high-end 3D virtual intelligent game network on the chain (Block chain) that integrates AI technology; it was developed by Gumi, a well-known Japanese gaming company, and run by South Korea's Upper chain Block chain institute in collaboration with South Korean Glospheres Block chain firm, and has the only promoter, the operation location is set up in South Korea Busan.

As a key supporting project to attract investment in South Korea, Future celebrity pet has gradually formed market popularity in both South Korea and Japan markets, and received attention from gamers and investors in Chinese, Indian, European and American markets.

Future celebrity pet take public chain BOT (Symbiotic network robot) as the only circulating asset in the game, it transforms the current excessive speculation of digital currency into a variable existing business model, realizes the development and value maximization of digital currency with social commerce and user experience, and finally guides the Block chain and AI technology to play a greater role in the game field, and brings a new round of visible technological innovation.

BOT can also realize the decentralized operation of the game and asset encryption security within the game, while serving as an independent digital currency payment system for many other Block chain game products.
At present, the preliminary research and development of Future celebrity pet game has been basically completed, and it is scheduled to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2020.

The super node campaign of BOT public chain will start soon

Block chain is a decentralized distributed database, composed and maintained by thousands of "nodes". The nodes are divided into "full node" and "light node". The full node owns all the transaction data of the whole network, while the light node only owns the transaction data related to itself. The more and more widely distributed the nodes are, the more decentralized the Block chain network will be, and the more secure and stable the network operation will be. The existence of nodes is the representation of Block chain distribution, which plays an important role in the maturation of Block chain network.

The voting campaign for the super nodes of BOT public chain will be opened to the world in the near future. The activity hopes to select the super node that can help maintain the development of the public chain, improve the stability and decentralization of the BOT CHAIN, promote the project development together with the community, and return more rights and benefits to the community through the election.

As a server node, super node undertakes the important responsibility of ensuring the normal operation of other nodes, and also enjoys rich incentive returns.

According to the revenue plan announced by BOT, the BOT chain will open a total of six million BOT quotas without lock-up. In order to ensure the fairness of the election, the number of thirty super nodes in the world will be elected in an open way. Each node has 200,000 BOT quota or one hundred valid accounts in the community, with each account having a minimum of five hundred coin and a maximum of three thousand coin quota.

The BOT official said, "The super node campaign can give rights and benefits to the community, which is a key step to improve the stability and decentralization of the system. Selecting the super node with more strength to maintain and promote the development of BOT public chain can jointly promote ecological prosperity."

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