The EU and Greece Join Together to Launch the Great Flavors Campaign

The new campaign showcases excellent products made in Greece and allows these products to be presented to the American public on January 22, 2018, reports

The European Union and Greece announce a partnership to launch the Great Flavors campaign, a campaign designed to showcase outstanding products from Greece while providing an opportunity to present them to the American public. A culinary event will be held on Monday, January 22, 3018 at the International Smoke Restaurant in San Francisco. Distinguished chef Jeremy McMillian will highlight culinary tastes and capabilities using the products and present recipes that fit ideally in every American consumer's kitchen.

"Every product presented at the event is certified by PDI and PGI. Products highlighted include Feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, black currants and more. Feta is the cheese associated with Greece and is made exclusively from ewe's milk or combined with goat's milk. Extra virgin olive oil stands out in the crowd thanks to its unique characteristics and is a trademark of the Mediterranean nutrition, while the black current obtains its exquisite quality from the specific soil and climate conditions prevalent in the area. These are only a few of the many things that individuals attending the event will learn," David Mitroff, spokesperson for Great Flavors, announces.

Made from the black currant of Zante, Black Olive Throumpa Thasos serves as a significant source of beneficial elements. This includes carotenoids and vitamin A, B1, B12, potassium and iron. The black olive is richer in total tocopherols, as compared to their green counterparts, and offers a strong antioxidant action. Individuals who choose to cook with this product obtain these numerous benefits and more.

"The average person may not know how to incorporate Black Olive Throumpa Thasos in their everyday life. This event shows them how to do so with ease, and the resulting dish is one that will quickly become a family favorite. People often hesitate to try new things, but shouldn't. The unusual foods found in Greece aren't difficult to prepare and are delicious when they arrive at the table," Mitroff continues.

The Fthiotida Pistachio will also be showcased at the event and obtained Protected Designation of Origin in 1996. A total of 200 hectares is dedicated to the growing of the pistachio trees, as they can be used in a wide range of recipes. In addition, the trees have been developed dynamically in the area for decades now. Learning how to use the pistachios in different foods will be of benefit to all.

"Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc is proud to have organized this event on behalf of the European Union and Greece. Individuals who attend will discover amazing recipes that show the true spirit of Greece. The unique tastes are sure to be remembered for some time to come, even if the attendee cannot pronounce the name of the recipe," Mitroff states.

About Great Flavors:

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. organized this event on behalf of Great Flavors, a European Commission sponsored three year program. The event functions to promote six GI products from Greece to the United States, the UAE and Kuwait, using various digital and online marketing, printed publications, presence in exhibitions, advertising in magazines and TV, presentations and other PR actions and actions at points of sales to achieve this goal. The aim is to increase the sales volume of the promoted GI products in the target markets while increasing awareness of the EU quality systems among consumers and opinion leaders.

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