The Electric Connection Now Offers Water Heater Installation Services

Company urges their customers to avoid DIY approaches to hot water heater replacement because they can be dangerous.

While installing a new electric or gas hot water heater might not seem like such a big deal, it can actually lead to dangers that many homeowners do not realize. Improperly installed water heaters cause burns, fires, floods, and have even led to deaths. This is one of the reasons a local electric company decided to add electric water heater installation referrals to the arsenal of services they offer.

Kim Hopkins, owner of The Electric Connection, spoke on the new service the company is offering. "We know it can be a real struggle for homeowners to attempt to install their new water heater alone. The sheer weight of the heater can easily lead to injuries and the wrong hookups and settings can even lead to death. We hope to help our customers overcome the obstacles that prevent them from successfully installing their new heaters."

When it comes to a new water heater installation, it is vital homeowners seek the professionals for help. DIY approaches can lead to a water heater being improperly installed so they do not work effectively. If the lines are not set up right, leaks will begin to occur. If the temperature gauge is not properly installed and set, serious scald burns can occur and these can be life-threatening.

According to the Burn Foundation, over 500,000 children are scalded each year. If hot tap water reaches a temperature over 140 degrees, it can lead to third-degree burns. It only takes five seconds for this degree of water to cause a full thickness burn. This is why it is so imperative homeowners are proactive and make sure their hot water heater is properly installed.

Those in need of Water Heater Installation Los Angeles will find The Electric Connection to be beneficial. As Kim Hopkins said, "Allow us to take over the difficulties of making sure your water heater is installed to code. We can take out the guesswork and most importantly, help protect your family from accidents. We want to make sure your hot water heater provides you with the reliable service you need. If homeowners need help, we invite them to contact us."

If a water heater issue arises, Hopkins recommends their customers call them first before they try to take a DIY approach and end up causing themselves or those they love injury. With proper installation, a hot water heater will provide the level of service homeowners expect.

About The Electric Connection:

Kim Hopkins has been providing electric services to the Los Angeles area since 1979. Their team includes twenty-five employees who take care of the electrical needs of home and business owners in Los Angeles. They believe in treating their customers with respect from the first call to the last appointment. Their goal is to help their customers save money while having their electric needs met. With their latest services, customers can rest assured they will have no problems with their Water Heater Los Angeles.

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