The Dating Specialist Analyzes Appeal of Christian Grey

In a recently published article, popular dating website The Dating Specialist has looked at why some many women are obsessed with the fictional character Christian Grey from the bestselling 50 Shades trilogy.

An expert in the field of dating, The Dating Specialist recently published an article looking at the obsession of women all around the world when it comes to the fictional character Christian Grey from the raunchy bestseller 50 Shades of Grey.

In the article, Nick Notas, who is a specialist in the area of dating, analyzes just what it is about Mr. Grey that has women around the globe talking about him. Nick, who is a very successful dating coach, describes the character as manipulative, jealous, and insecure. Yet, as he points out, there are women of all ages who have become obsessed with the character.

The article, which is published on, looks at just what qualities Mr. Grey has that have captured the attention of millions of women. Notas points out the fact that Grey has done what it takes to make himself attractive to women, including creating an appealing lifestyle, encouraging Ana's sexuality, and being clear about what he wants from his relationship.

Highlighting the areas where the fictional Mr. Grey has been successful, Nick Notas has used the article to offer advice on how men can take steps to follow in the footsteps of the character in terms of confidence, improving their appeal to women, and understanding just what makes Mr. Grey so irresistible to women from all walks of life.

In his article, Nick Notas writed: "Christian Grey is not an ideal role model for men or women. However, it would be foolish to ignore his good qualities that drive women wild. Rather than blindly hating him out of fear, why not understand what makes him so damn irresistible? Use 50 Shades of Grey to your advantage."

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