The DART Initiative Launches High-Velocity Algorithmic Trading Marketplace

The DART (Decentralized Autonomous Resource Tracker) Initiative, which started as a dramatically simplified exchange in mid-2021 has now progressed to the launch of its High-Velocity Algorithmic Trading Marketplace.

The project billed itself as the 'easiest way to buy, sell and earn from Crypto assets' and introduced integrations that make it easy for the average beginner to participate such as direct bank transfers and support for over 90 crypto and fiat assets.

However, the project has now upped the ante and is launching a highly profit-focused Trading Marketplace. The 'DART Trading Wallet' is designed to allow developers and trading experts to provide automated (yet supervised) trading that can be activated by any participant on the platform with a single click.

Bill Papacharalampous, one of the advisors on the project said "Majority of the users in the crypto space don't want to deal with the technical headaches of setting up servers, rotating accounts, APIs, etc. Nor do they want to sit all day watching the crypto markets trying to generate profits. Our focus has been on developing a platform that allows users to participate in the crypto markets easily, securely, and profitably."

Accessibility has indeed been a major focus for the adoption in the crypto space, as new users are often scared off by technical challenges and high volatility that is often reminiscent of bubble-like the dot-com markets in the late 90s.

The key focus of the Algorithmic Marketplace is to provide access to trading systems and strategies that are highly vetted, have strong performance history, and where the developers or traders do not have any control over the user's capital. This structure keeps the user's capital safe, while still giving them the ability to apply Algorithmic Trading strategies that have clocked in returns as high as 14% per month thanks to the meteoric rise of the crypto markets.

The DART project has also chosen to minimize the volatility of the crypto markets by keeping the entire platform pegged to USDC - the audited USD equivalent ethereum based currency managed by the Circle Foundation.

The DART team announced on their Discord channel that they are anticipating this Algorithmic Trading offering to attract over $600m in trading volume in 2022 alone. The demand for a safe yet accessible mechanism that would allow users to easily profit from the exciting crypto markets is certainly there. Whether DART will be the project to achieve it in 2022, remains to be seen.

DART - The Decentralized Auditable Resource Tracker; Designed To Push The Limits Of The Blockchain Ecosystem While Empowering The Masses.

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