The China E-Commerce Summit 2014: Great Achievement For The Top E-Retailers Event

The world’s largest E-commerce industry of China is enabling leading companies in the country to expand their annual income due to the rapid growth of e-commerce in China.

According to the results of a survey of consumer lender meets FCI Group and eBay business analysis, 95% of consumers are web merchant or web buyers. According to the survey 82% of consumers give much importance to online stores for shopping. This has increased the annual income of China e-commerce market. Mr. Joe bought a cell phone from web store and found it cheaper than nearby markets. The same is a point of view of many other consumers in China. The reason behind this fact is the rapid increase in number of middle class buyers, most of them are web literate. So, they feel convenient to buy things online.

“Consumers want variety of options when buying products and services, especially in the field of web shopping, for retailers or sellers it is very necessary to increase their level of customer service both online and in store,” says the vice president of marketing and product of ECVV e-commerce platform. “The tactics remain consistent across all channels with a warehouse and cross-coordinated to help consumers remain loyal to a brand and stores that earn customer satisfaction.”

Court of First Instance based its report on the responses of more than 500 participant’s eBay survey – sponsored by the company. More information on the mechanisms of the investigation was not immediately available today.

The survey results also show that:

- 93% of respondents want the ability to return items purchased online in local stores.

- 78% believe that free shipping is a great opportunity for them. Retailers seem to support consumer demand. According to the latest 2014 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, 51 merchants – about 30% of the chain – the top 500 retailers allow customers to buy online and pickup.

- to keep 56 % of consumers in the basket with a broker as broker offers everyone the best price, either online or in stores.

- This loyalty, however, can be tested by the incompetent staff Store: 75% of respondents reported purchasing information on advertising and marketing partners “inaccurate”, regardless of the channel.

China has grown-up e-commerce industry because of famous online companies that allow their customers to purchase in the best way with best deals. ECCV is also one of the leading e-commerce companies in China. Having the aims to provide best products and services the company is working hard to fulfill all increasing demands of people throughout the world.

These e-commerce companies are giving their best to their country. That is the reason of huge recorded capital increase in annual income of China e-commerce market. The country has left far behind other countries in this race. Other competitors are USA and Australia but China has firm and strong base of e-commerce market. Moreover, trading platforms like ECCV are doing best in giving more strength to the e-commerce market.

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