The characteristics of FEEL mining pool ecology and future value benefits

The FEEL mining pool ecology of the FEEL Mining Ecological Foundation of Singapore has officially launched the global ecological architecture on June 8, Singapore time.

The FEEL mining pool ecology of the FEEL Mining Ecological Foundation of Singapore has officially launched the global ecological architecture on June 8, Singapore time. The ecological tokens have been issued in a constant amount of 390 million. The name of the token is F39, and F39 will serve as the basis of the entire ecological architecture. Coin is the largest token based on FEEL's global ecology. Issue objects include global ecological institutions, ant mining machine holders and FEEL mining pool community users. Next, the FEE L Mining Pool Ecological Foundation will focus on building the ecological foundation and public chain development around F39, continuously expanding the ecological application of F39, establishing the creation nodes and community node promotion agencies around the world, and combining the technical characteristics to shape a strong pulling mechanism. On this basis, F39 will rise along the way, constantly breaking new highs, bringing a thousand-fold increase.

What is a mining pool?

With the increasing number of people participating in mining, the computing power of the entire Bitcoin network continues to rise, and it is difficult for a single device or a small amount of computing power to mine Bitcoin. At this time, the mining pool was born.

The mining pool breaks through the geographical restrictions, and connects the computing power of miners and mines scattered around the world to mine together. The mining pool is responsible for information packaging, and the accessing mine is responsible for competing accounting rights. Due to the aggregation of the computing power of many mining machines, the mining pool has a large proportion of computing power, and the probability of mining coins is higher. The coin rewards generated by mining in the mining pool will be distributed according to the proportion of the computing power contributed by each miner. Compared with mining alone, joining a mining pool can obtain a more stable income. At present, the mining pool ecology adopts an aggregate computing power sharing mechanism. The dual-currency and dual-region work proof not only can better protect the participants' income, but also enables Participants get their own ecological coins F39 and bring greater wealth value.

What are the characteristics of FEEL mining pool ecology?

The FEEL mining pool is a global dual-currency and dual-area pioneer with equal sharing of computing power. It also integrates its own public chain into a mining pool platform that integrates digital asset mining and trading. It adopts a variety of FPPS and other distribution models. Contributing the computing power to pay the income, members see the mining pool service supporting BTC and F39 through the mining pool ecological dapp, and will also extend to the mining pool service of BCH, TRX, EOS and its own ecological currency in the future. In addition, ecological participants can also participate in community building and establish nodes around the world to obtain total dividend income from mining pools.

F39 is a mining pool ecological certificate, carrying community rights, circulation attributes and value attributes, deeply linking mining pools and users, opening up the mining pool ecology, sharing mining pool development dividends, running the token through every link of mining, and enhancing miners Stickiness and benefits. Under the premise of accommodating multiple consensus mechanisms such as pow and pos, the use of the equity certification mechanism and the adherence to the concept of mining is mining. Users holding F39 coins can deeply participate in the future development of the ecological mining pool alliance, and can also participate in sharing Obtain an airdrop of public chain digital assets and share the value growth of the mining pool ecology.

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