The CEO Institute Introduces Business Courses For CEOs and Senior Level Executives celebrates the benefits of peer-to-peer professional groups with its "CEO Syndicate" program for CEOs and Senior Level Executives.

Reporting for the online magazine “” is Business Psychologist and psychotherapist Douglas LaBier Ph.D. He sites that, “While most CEOs would like to receive executive coaching, they rarely do. Studies conducted by the Stanford University School of Business found that a full two thirds of those in CEO positions have not received any courses in leadership or coaching to enhance their executive skills.”

Dr. Douglas Bier adds, “When such publications as 'Forbes' and 'Bloomberg Business Week' asked them about their responses, nearly one hundred percent of the CEOs polled said that they would enjoy a chance to work on their executive development. They would also welcome the chance to meet with their peers for the purpose of insightful learning and networking opportunities.”

Meeting the needs of CEO and executives in upper management positions is The CEO Institute. Spokesperson for The CEO Institute, Kristine Chompff explains how they work with CEOs to reach their professional goals. “We offer a unique business education for those executives already at the time of their respective industries. Our 'CEO Syndicate' program exists as an exclusive group that allows them to network with their peers in the global world of business. Our instructional system offers innovative learning techniques that serve to refine professional development. We accomplish this by experimenting with new learning techniques, as well as utilizing group mentors to help our students excel in their professional and personal directives.”

Kristine Chompff elaborates on how this is possible. “At The CEO Institute, we offer a monthly peer group of approximately 16 senior level executives and CEOs. Within the comfort of our learning center, high-level executives from non-competitive companies can meet for courses in such subjects as leadership development, issue solving and to explore areas of mutual knowledge. Often some of the most productive sessions come about when group members have a chance to help each other through mutual support initiatives.”

“What makes us different from other management training programs, is how we place our students together for the purposes of learning and networking.” Ms. Chompff continues, “The membership we place together for each 'CEO Syndicate' is exceptionally well-matched to the business backgrounds of its members. Our team finds that this is the best way to ensure that the learning environment will be both dynamic and actively stimulating to participants, while confidential enough for the sharing of vital information.”

About The CEO Institute:

The CEO Institute was founded by Ken Gunn, who currently serves as its Chairman and CEO. The founding of this Institute came about in 1992 as a peer-to-peer organization for Chief Executives. Later in the year 2011, The CEO Institute was honored to become the first “global certification body for CEOs” in the world.

While initially established to assist top leaders in the world of business to connect with their peers and learn from their similar experiences, The CEO Institute has become a networking group known in Australia for its ability to bring a wide assortment of senior level executives together so that they can be better educated and informed as leaders of industry.

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