The Butterfly Effect in the digital economy is about to detonate the Asia-Pacific market

The decentralized dynamic perception trading platform The Butterfly Effect developed by the ButterflyiQ team in the United States will officially enter the Asia Pacific market on July 28, 2020.

The decentralized dynamic perception trading platform The Butterfly Effect developed by the ButterflyiQ team in the United States will officially enter the Asia Pacific market on July 28, 2020. According to the information from the Butterfly Effect Asia-Pacific Community, the Butterfly Effect will officially open for registration at 09:00 on July 28, 2020.

According to many industry insiders who have known The Butterfly Effect, The Butterfly Effect is the safest, most open and transparent trading platform so far. Its innovative dynamic perception technology and multi-scenario integration, multi-functional and extended underlying technical architecture will It will bring another revolution in the field of digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region. It is foreseeable that this butterfly will trigger another storm in the field of digital economy.

The ButterflyiQ team in the United States belongs to the ButterflyNetwork Blockchain Research Center. The team aims to create a safe, stable, transparent, and fair global decentralized digital asset trading platform, providing global users with high liquidity, high performance, and high convenience digital currency Transaction services provide full-chain investment banking advisory services for projects. In terms of products, ButterflyiQL combines three major trading modules: convenient OTC market, aggregated currency trading, and professional contract trading, targeting current currency stock trading users, and designed a dynamic perception system based on the Butterfly Effect principle. The platform can make risks based on some transactions. Control intelligent AI analysis and make anti-intervention and predictive guidance on trading opinions.

According to ButterflyiQ,the Butterfly Effect uses basic programs such as "Lorentz model state method, Cauchy's inequality, Crofton theorem, Stolz theorem" and so on.

Lorentz model state mode theory
MATLAB code:
f=@(t,x)[-8/3*x(1)+x(2)*x(3);-10*x(2)+10*x(3);-x(1)* x(2)+28*x(2)-x(3)];t_final=100;x0=[0;0;1e-10];[t,x]=ode45(f,[0,t_final], x0);plot3(x(:,1),x(:,2),x(:,3));%

If you want to observe the phase space trajectory, the best way is to use the comet3() function to draw an animated trajectory, that is, change the last sentence to comet3(x(:,1),x(:,2),x(:,3 )); It can be found that the image is chaotic and very much like a butterfly with open wings.

Cauchy's Inequality Theory

Cauchy's inequality was obtained by the great mathematician Cauchy when he studied the "flow number" problem in mathematical analysis. But from a historical point of view, this inequality should be called the Cauchy-Buniakowsky-Schwarz inequality, because it was the latter two mathematicians who independently extended it in integrals that applied this inequality to a nearly perfect Point. This inequality has many forms.

Crofton's theorem
Let D be a bounded convex area on the plane. The two tangents of D pass through every point P(x,y) outside D. Let t_1 and t_2 be the length of the line segment, this line segment is determined by P and the tangent point, and let A be the angle between each line segment, which is regarded as a function of (x, y), then

Stolz theorem
Let {x_n} and {y_n} be two real numbers, {y_n} is strictly positive, increasing, and unbounded. If then limit

F=normcdf(x,μ,σ) MATLAB language, F is the distribution function value of the normal distribution at each point of x.

It is the scientific fusion of these basic theoretical procedures and algorithms that have created a brand-new digital economy model for the Butterfly Effect. It has achieved the top of the blockchain belief of the Butterfly Effect dynamic perception trading platform, let us look forward to and witness the wealth effect brought by a butterfly.

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