The British ''Fintech'' Startup Is Taking The Initiative To Organize Global Financial, E-Commerce And Smart Contracts Protocol in a Place

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MONEYCOX HOLDINGS set their future digital goals - serving the billions of customer and started working for that mission.

Based on financial technology, companies setting the hope in new heights every day.
''The economic happiness for everyone'' focusing with this vision in the mid of 2015 started the British company MONEYCOX HOLDINGS LIMITED (MHL).

As a parent organization MHL, UK works on financial analysis, research, and development for organizations, multinational companies or subsidiaries runs under this firm. Recently MSN holdings Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 201834274N) formed in Singapore to providing e-commerce & others financial services. And some ongoing licensing procedure started with Mauritius Financial Service Commission, Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and Lithuania central bank.

Since the journey, they developed own payment brand - MONEYCOX, a centralized online e-commerce marketplace - MYLIVECLUB, Finex platform - ELITEGOLDEXCHANGE, and contributor community based smart contract - MONEYSHARE identified the ticker symbol is MSN, readable as MONEYSHARE NOTE.
All the products and services selected for the individual, businesses, corporate partners, the government organizations, group or communities, non-profits, contributor or investor as per their local or international demands.

By the open source latest version of web tools utilizing scope, users can go in the various ways to build their ultimate application quickest possible in time.

MONEYCOX holdings have separate websites to provide specific or relevant services, and accessible with same credentials in all the present and future sites come in.

MHL explained the products and services below;

1. MONEYSHARE (MSN) - This is an organizational open source platform based on contributor community. The version is presenting - MSN. MSN issued 200 million of smart contract, 40 percent (80 M) reserved and rested 60 percent (120M) for capital raising smart asset. That's entirely open for the worldwide contributor. As defined this asset similar to stock, but exceptions found on the centralized portfolio net revenue stream comes from various projects that are funded by called ''dividend'' this reward reflects on each MSN until the asset holds by the contributor. Additionally, it is decentralized for trade or exchange. This community platform operated by MONEYSHARE LTD subsidiary of MHL Company.

2. MONEYCOX - The first multi payment dynamism in the world. Alternative banking with multicurrency virtual IBAN, SEPA, plastic and virtual cards, Invoice payment, Currency exchange, Money remittance, Payment gateway. Funding account with banking channels, many e-payment, and cryptocurrencies as well as money out process is so simple.
Introduced customizable '' Terms payment'' - Works for the escrowing buyer and seller protection or any deal that's need both party trust.

The charge backless ''HASH currency'' is a unique written as HASH USD or symbolic #USD, #EUR and so on.
''CARD WALLET or Card Wallet'' its first time in the world fully existing cards (co-brand, prepaid, debit, and credit) alternative pre-build verified KYC, zero fraud and highest security implemented on this technology. This concept (Terms payment, Card Wallet and Hash currency) intellectual property right holds by the co-founder of MHL.
Verify with MONYCOX a smart tool by using businesses can raise their service trust in the next level.

3. ELITEGOLDEXCHANGE - It looks like a financial transactional hub that's enabled exchanging digital asset independently by opening a free account. All the exchanging asset such as e-money, cryptocurrencies, and international payments are verified. Order dashboard is open for all, so user easily can decide the suitable fees, or they can select the exchange tab automatic mode. At the same time trading forex, binary option, the stock is allowed.

4. MYLIVECLUB - To simplify digital commerce experience; myliveclub arranging e-commerce, marketplace, and related internet services together. So without any hassle client, mixed desire can be fulfilled. With a single profile, people will be able to engage socially. Added live ads that will help advertiser more perfectly reach their target audience, as well as the publisher, can enjoy maximum benefits. As a global first central economic platform, all the resources help the social network users to show up their talent more creative way. It will allow teenagers who want to an internship in advanced e-commerce era.

As a large operating area, they will never consider any illegal or harmful services in their whole subsidiaries.
MONEYCOX HOLDINGS set their future digital goals - serving the billions of customer and started working for that mission.

'' We are a community, and we understand public aspects as well as the market trends; that's why we're getting ready for comprehensive regulation to ensure our services more transparent and convenient to everyone no matter where they live in.''
- Co-founder and CEO, NAP SHEMUL AHMED comments to Reuters.

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