The Box Co-op Announces Release of New Guides Focusing on Custom Packaging

New resources will help anyone design and arrange for custom boxes and other impressive, high-quality packaging that makes a real difference in businesses' bottom lines, The Box Co-op reports

The Box Co-op, a producer of custom-printed cardboard boxes for retail products and a variety of other uses, announced the availability of a number of informative new guides and articles. The new resources, available for free at the company's website, show how even inexperienced customers can easily and economically arrange for the design and production of custom boxes for their own products. The Box Co-op serves a wide range of the country's fastest-growing and most ambitious businesses, making it possible for even those with relatively limited resources to secure the kind of highly professional, impressive packaging that makes their products stand out.

"After some hard work and a lot of talking with our customers to pinpoint their needs," The Box Co-op representative Brad Travers stated, "we're proud to unveil a number of new guides that will make it easier than ever for businesses to acquire custom, high-quality boxes." Traditionally, businesses on the smaller end of the scale have struggled to compete with larger ones when it came to establishing brand awareness and retail presences. The Box Co-op contributes to the overcoming of this historical deficit by making it easy and economical for even relatively small businesses to acquire the kind of professional-looking, durable, custom packaging for their products that previously required much more in the way of resources.

Securing and making use of such packaging has a number of advantages for smaller companies. To begin with, having fully customized packaging allows these operations to better convey the unique advantages and selling points of their products at a glance, an important asset when competing for the attention of customers at retail. High quality packaging also contributes directly to the overall perceived value of products, with marketing studies routinely showing that potential customers judge products that are packaged so to be of significantly higher quality than they would otherwise. Retailers, too, tend to be more impressed with products that are packaged in the kind of high-quality, custom boxes that The Box Co-op delivers to customers, with the result being that such products are more likely to secure highly coveted, prime shelf-space.

"Getting custom boxes made is now easier than ever," Travers finished, "and our new guides are going to help even those with no prior experience make the leap." The company's new guides, which cover subjects ranging from the basics of custom box design to private label manufacturing, are available in the Resource Center at the company's website at, where those interested in custom boxes may also easily arrange for free quotes for their projects. Those interested in receiving updates about new guides and articles of this sort may also like the company's Facebook page or follow the The Box Co-op on Google+.

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