The Beachler Group Announces Their Top Marketers To Watch In 2014

The Beachler Group Announces their Top Marketers To Watch in 2014 and beyond, Phil Graham and Seth Godin.

The Beachler Group Recognizes and Announces Phil Graham as a top marketer to watch in 2014.

Phil Graham runs a Marketing, SEO and Reputation Management Agency in Seattle and works with everyone from solo entrepreneurs, to startups, all the way up to billion dollar Fortune 500 companies globally on their marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertising, website development, branding, social media, and more.

One of the most impactful business tips that Phil shares is that most entrepreneurs, companies, and brands are marketing and selling their products and services completely wrong. They are still trying to use the old methods of selling and just blasting their message, products and services out to the world and then wondering why sales are down. Phil says that this old way of selling just doesn’t work anymore.

He notes that the new way of marketing and selling is to educate, entertain, and inspire. Nobody pays attention to sales and marketing messages bashed down their throats anymore. Nobody likes the "hard sell" approach, and it doesn't work anyway.

In order to properly market and sell, marketers now have to prove their value in advance, establish and build their brand and credibility in the marketplace, and most importantly, use the magic selling formula that actually works, which is educating and entertaining potential customers with a dose of inspiration thrown in.

Phil says that when people use the formula above, and market correctly, they end up selling more products and services than they ever thought possible, and without ever having to go into “hard sales mode” as Phil likes to call it.

Phil says that companies need to entertain, educate, and inspire through all of their sales, marketing, branding, and social media messages, advertising, and interactions.

For more information or to contact Phil, please visit his website at the link below:
Phil Graham Digital Marketing

The other top marketer to watch in 2014 is Seth Godin.

Seth is a New York Times best selling author and blogs daily on marketing and business. He also created the popular community website platform Squidoo in 2005. One of his best books is called Purple Cow, and in it, Seth shares the message that advertising is broken (the old way) and to advertise and market effectively, companies have to be remarkable and unique.

Seth's take on "remarkable" is usually not in regards to the product or service being marketed and sold itself, but the extra bonus, design, or different ways of packaging or delivery of the product that makes it stand out above the crowd and become memorable.

For more information or to contact Seth, please visit:
Seth Godin

The Beachler Group encourage everyone to check out Phil Graham and Seth Godin as marketers to watch in 2014 and beyond.

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