The Automated AngelAire Cremation Remains Release Urn is Now Available

Company's urn scatters ashes over three minutes in an elegant, controlled cloud, doing away with concerns about wind and ensuring a comforting ceremony, AngelAire reports

Cremation is more common than ever before, and there is now a better, more dignified way to handle Ash Scattering. The new AngelAire Professional Ash Scattering system releases cremated remains in an elegant, breathtaking cloud over a three minute period. This allows family members and friends to reflect on the life of the deceased in a touching scattering ceremony without worrying about wind and other potential problems.

Available now for rental, the AngelAire release urn comes in four tasteful, attractive finishes. The professional, patented AngelAire system does away with concerns about wind and other environmental issues that sometimes mar scattering ceremonies. As a better, more dignified way to scatter cremated remains, AngelAire is a solution that will be of interest to many as cremation becomes even more common.

"We're proud to announce that our AngelAire release urn is now available to rent," said AngelAire founder Scotty Crandlemire. "I started work on AngelAire after gusts of wind turned the scattering ceremony of a dear, departed friend into a source of trauma instead of comfort. With cremation now being the most common option nationwide, the time has arrived for a more dignified alternative to the manual scattering of ashes. The AngelAire release urn is just that solution and is already being used to conduct professional, comforting scattering ceremonies."

A report released in July by the National Funeral Directors Association projected that the national cremation rate would rise to 53.5 percent for 2018. With the same study estimating that figure to grow by almost 30 percent more over the next 18 years, cremation is rapidly becoming the default arrangement for human remains in the United States.

Families who opt for cremation often choose to have the resulting ashes scattered in ceremonies meant to allow loved ones to gather and celebrate the life of the departed person. Unfortunately, scattering ashes by hand can lead to problems, as gusts of wind can easily interfere, clumps of loved ones always end up on the ground and your clothes will be dusted with their ashes.

The AngelAire release urn system is designed to provide a professional, foolproof alternative that ensures every Cremation Scattering ceremony will be dignified and comforting. After cremated remains have been placed securely in the automated urn, they are released over a three minute period in a controlled, targeted cloud. The AngelAire release urn is available now for one-week rental appropriate for a single ceremony.

About AngelAire:

Enabling a better, more dignified way to scatter ashes, the automated AngelAire release urn ensures a comforting, positive ceremony for all.

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