The Annual Piano Brand Award of American Piano Manufacturers Association Opens a New Chapter of Brand

Recently, the American Piano Manufacturers Association held a competition for piano brands in Dallas, Texas.

Recently, the American Piano Manufacturers Association held a competition for piano brands in Dallas, Texas. The event won 11 awards such as the best artistic expression, including two special awards-the Best Manufacturing Gold Award and the Best Consumer Satisfaction Award.

Based on the multiple tests of professional piano players and non-professional music lovers, and combined with the scores of the association's registered tuning lawyers, 11 awards were awarded to each brand of piano products according to its own characteristics and outstanding expressive force. They were awarded by the association's piano technicians and the above survey results for the recognition of piano quality, acceptance of brand price, and satisfaction with the piano itself (the specific list is in the appendix).

In this test, major piano brands in China, as well as in Europe such as Germany, Japan, China and other Asian regions were professionally evaluated. On the one hand, the survey results of different professional groups were combined, and on the other hand, the scores given by the association's registered piano technicians were integrated.

A good piano is excellent in all aspects. For different players, timbre, pitch, hand feel, volume, richness and fineness of sound, and overall resonance expression are all crucial aspects.

"How to establish a standard that everyone agrees with to evaluate the quality of piano?" Faced with this problem, David, vice president of the American Piano Manufacturers Association, explained: "Between good and bad pianos, most of everyone's experience preferences and professional consensus in the international piano industry still follow certain rules."

David explained the evaluation method in detail. First of all, the test was conducted by experts. During the two days from June 21 to 22, the association selected 14 members and tested 27 different brands of pianos.
In order to ensure the fairness of the evaluation, the staff first invited 7 members to play 27 brand pianos. The evaluator can fully experience the advantages and disadvantages of each piano in one day, and finally score each piano.
The next day, the staff disrupted the order of the pianos and invited seven other members to perform tests. Finally, I got 14 test scores for each piano from different appraisers, which accounted for 70% of the final score.

Before the professional tests, the organizers will place the selected pianos in 4 different places of Outlets Shopping Mall in time to attract piano lovers. Each piano player will fill out an evaluation form for scoring with the help of the staff. After a month of random tests, the association screened out the effective ones from all the piano scoring tables. These data randomly evaluated by piano lovers account for the remaining 30% of the final scores.

In viewing the results of expert evaluation and amateur random tests, the evaluation results are finally obtained.
The results show that within the market price of less than $15,000, the tone feel reaches 3 level, and within this range, only Boston UP-126E is awarded the best consumer satisfaction award.

According to the score of American registered piano technician, Schimmel k122 won the best acoustic quality award because of the highest score in timbre score.

Blüthner D was awarded the best design award for its simple appearance and streamlined shell, which was unanimously recognized by everyone.

Bush & Gerts AR 70 was awarded the Best Manufacturing Gold Award for its excellent internal structure of the piano and its excellent hand feel and timbre score.

Mr Andersen, a piano technician who participated in the evaluation, said: "for most piano lovers, the timbre of the piano may be the most important aspect, but it is also the most difficult to quantify or describe. These brands of the award-winning items have all demonstrated excellent performance in piano performance and manufacture. After comparison, the quality characteristics of each piano brand have been highlighted ".

Mr. Lawrence, president of the Association, gave his opinion on the test results. "Today, every major top piano manufacturer in the world has its own technical data that is different from other companies. Pure hand-made and exquisite products belong to this brand of upright piano star products. Due to the differences in technical data, technological process, configuration materials and pricing strategies used by different piano brands, each piano has its own unique characteristics and personality, allowing piano consumers who have different needs and are very picky to have different brand choices. Of course, if the customers want to choose a piano that suits the customers, the customers need to consider a variety of situations, and this evaluation result may be helpful to the customers. "

Between good and bad piano, everyone's experience preferences and according to the professional consensus of the international piano industry, most of them still follow certain rules. The evaluation results will provide reference for the customers to purchase piano. Of course, perhaps the customers have more of the customers’ own views on piano.


Steinway K-52 Best Artistic Performance Awards

Schimmel k122 Best Acoustic Piano Awards

Blüthner D Best Appearance Design Awards

Mason & Hamlin M50 Best Pop Timbre Awards

Bechstein B124 Imposant Best Soundboard Design Awards

Brodmann PE 130 Best Back Frame Design Awards

Yamaha U1 Best Stable Quality Awards

Petrof K125 Best Iron-frame Design Awards

kawai K300 Best Action Innovation Awards

Boston UP-126E Best Consumer Satisfaction Awards

Bush & Gerts Ar 70 Best Manufacturing Gold Awards

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