The Amazon of Marketing Services; BrandLume Rebrands and Adds More Services

Customers can count on same service excellence as before, but with many more added branding, digital marketing, and website services to further simplify their business growth, BrandLume reports

BrandLume Inc, the world's only All-in-one online shop for Digital Marketing, Branding, and Website Agency Services, has rebranded and added even more services to its menu of options. With an Amazon-like process that includes upfront prices and does away with contracts, BrandLume makes it easier and more affordable than ever before to define, develop, and market a strong, cohesive brand across every digital marketing channel.

By relying upon BrandLume Inc, Amazon of Advertising Services, brands can have all their needs accommodated under a single roof, instead of needing to work with a wide variety of distinct, uncoordinated agencies. Providing enterprise-level service at wholesale prices, BrandLume always makes for a more cost-effective solution than independent agencies or in-house work.

This unique approach to the business has helped make BrandLume a successful All-in-one online shop for Digital Marketing Agency Services, with hundreds of contract-free clients worldwide expressing their satisfaction through a 96 percent retention rate. With no sales team to apply pressure, BrandLume clients benefit from complete transparency, industry-leading customer support, and unbeatable pricing with absolutely no strings attached.

"We're happy to report that we have rebranded and added many new branding and digital marketing services," said BrandLume representative Chris Cooper. "We founded this company with a belief that obtaining enterprise-level branding, marketing, and website development services should be affordable, accessible, and simple. As the world's only all-in-one shop of this kind, we employ an Amazon-like approach that keeps prices low and does away with the hurdles that today's agencies impose. The new BrandLume is going to be an even more valuable partner to brands all over the world."

In the past, businesses seeking branding and marketing services were typically forced to choose between tackling the work in-house, relying upon a variety of different agencies, or a hybrid of both. Either option often proved prohibitively difficult and complex to manage, even for highly capable companies.

Branding and marketing agencies, on the other hand, have been notoriously prone to providing prices based on the company size and forcing their clients into rigid, expensive contracts that start with less than forthcoming with important details like a road map, examples, expectations, and true costs. BrandLume was created to enable a new, better way to obtain the full range of agency-level branding, website development, and digital marketing services from a single, completely transparent source.

That approach has contributed to BrandLume's reputation as the Amazon of branding, website development, and digital marketing services. The newly rebranded BrandLume has, even more, to offer to clients while still delivering the same top-quality service that has made the agency so successful.

About BrandLume Inc:

As the world's only all-in-one online shop for branding agency services, website development, and digital marketing services, BrandLume does away with contracts and other roadblocks in favor of low prices, complete transparency, and a simplified, hassle-free process.

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