The 9th Beauty Girl Chinese Film Model Contest Winner Became an Internet Sensation in the USA

A beauty pageant winner from China has already become an internet sensation, and has even been dubbed as a ‘rare beauty’.

Chinese beauty CHEN ZiYi, who recently was crowned as the winner of "The 9th China Beautiful Girl Entertainment Model Finals " held in Beijing, set the internet on fire as thousands of US netizens started following the beauty contest winner. Many netizens started forwarding and circulating photos of the champion, adding that for the first time they have started genuinely liking a Chinese beauty, and even rated her as a rare beauty in the recent years.

It is reported that the beauty champion named CHEN ZiYi is only 16 years old. The reason why she became an internet sensation is that an international student visited an online forum and when she saw her photo, she commented, "I saw her for the first time, and I fell in love!"

Since then, many American netizens have forwarded and shared her photos, and apparently many of them fell in love with the girl. Some of the American netizens went to the extent of calling CHEN ZiYi “China’s rare beauty” and “once-in-a-lifetime Chinese beauty”.

Since her photos became viral, CHEN ZiYi has participated in beauty activities, including a project named “Ninth Beauty Girl Chinese Film Model Trials” which had thousands of teenage Chinese girls as participants. Only thirty contestants were chosen in the final phase. After learning that the 30 girls will join a women's group called CBG30, and after seeing the group photo, the American netizens commented that the “most beautiful girls on the planet” are here, with some of their best compliments reserved for CHEN ZiYi.

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