The 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference was held in Chengdu

On September 6 and 7 of 2017, the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference sponsored by China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association and Tianfu Mercantile Exchange was held in Chengdu.

On September 6 and 7 of 2017, the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference sponsored by China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association and Tianfu Mercantile Exchange was held in Chengdu. Deputy Secretary and Governor of Aba Prefecture of Sichuan Province Yang Kening, Deputy Mayor of Chengdu People’s Government Liu Liedong, Deputy Director of the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province Ma Ping, Deputy Director of Financial Affairs Bureau of Sichuan Province Cheng Yongge, President of China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association Liu Nengwen, Vice President and Secretary Li Jiafeng, Vice Chairman and Secretary of China National Furniture Association Zhang Bingbing, Director of the International Trade Research Department of CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) Zhao Ping, et al. were present at the conference. Governments and Enterprise Representatives from 21 countries including Russia, Canada, Finland, Japan, America, New Zealand, Cameroon, etc. attended the conference.

Tianfu Mercantile Exchange made a stage pose in the New York Times Square

International guests had confidence in Sichuan

More than 400 elites of the wood industry from 21 countries of the world gathered here to discuss the global trade from the perspective of China, the global trade of the wood industry in the internationalization process of China, and impact of “the Belt and Road Community of Common Destiny” on the development of the global wood industry, in order to seek new opportunities and growth points for the green and healthy development of the wood industry.

The representative of the largest timber enterprise group in Russia Sir Vitali indicated that they mainly conducted wood trade with the east region previously, and here in Chengdu, he had witnessed the rapid development of west China; Sichuan had an enormous industrial market, and the group was quite optimistic about the development in Sichuan of China, looking forward to find new partners here. Representative of North America Michael Hubber said it was his first time to be in Sichuan of China, and also the first time to attend the conference. But Sichuan offered a great imaginary space, which was larger than ever before; the conference would promote the bilateral trade, and he was also looking forward to be present at the industrial conference the next year.

Everything is ready for the development of the wood industry in Sichuan, in a solid foundation

“Tianfu Mercantile Exchange is preparing to build a wood bonded processing park and bonded wood trade platform covering 4000 Mu in Qingbaijiang and Deyang, China National Wood Inspection Center, World Wood Trade Standards and Sample Exhibition Hall. According to special policies for the Bonded Area and through the transportation of China EU fast rail, it would strive to build the largest wood trade market and processing base in China”, said by Chairman of Tianfu Mercantile Exchange Liu Angsheng.

Chairman Liu Angsheng introduced that currently, Sichuan has already become the largest cork product trade market and the second largest cork product processing base in China. After being confirmed as a central city in China and with the establishment of Sichuan (Chengdu) Free Trade Zone and operation of China EU fast rail, the distance between Sichuan Woodwork Manufacturing Center and the world wood supplier has been shortened. Meanwhile, the accelerated construction of “five centers and a hub” by Chengdu Municipal Government further had strengthened the promotion of financial center, economic center, foreign contact center and comprehensive transportation hub in the west of China, and provided a powerful support for the wood industry and deep-processing industry in Chengdu.

 “The Belt and Road” strategy contributes to the development of the wood industry

Sir Phillips from Latvia said that they had already learnt about the implementation of “the Belt and Road” strategy in China and operation of China EU fast rail, but they did not know the details, but it would be good news if they can realize the product delivery and reduce the transportation cost in China’s free trade zone.

Apparently, the question raised by Philips was answered in this conference. President Liu Nengwen indicated that “the Belt and Road” strategy and Yangtze River Economic Zone strategy offer great opportunities for the enterprise transformation and green development. Previously, the conference was usually held in costal cities, but it is held in Sichuan this time. Sichuan is a province with great wood demands and deep-processing in China, playing an important and strategic role. Especially, with China EU fast rail being put into use, the sea transportation, spending more than 40 days, could be accomplished only in ten days or more, which had reduced the transportation cost substantially.

China is a huge wood importer in the world.

In 2017, new changes have taken place in the international wood supply and demand. Currently, major coniferous wood supplying countries and regions across the world are Russia, North America, New Zealand, Northern Europe, etc. while major broadleaf wood supplying countries and regions include the Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and some European regions, and the principal markets include North America, Asia, Southeast Asia, West Africa, the Middle East, etc. As one of the largest wood importer and processing country in the world, China has already developed diversified importing channels, but the import sources mainly gather in Russia, Canada, Thailand, America and Finland, with certain amount of trade risks.

China International Timber Network establishes a global handheld platform for trades

“Currently, the annual output value of wood and wood products has already been over 2000 billion Yuan in China. Relying on “an exchange and several centers” and “one county and one platform” strategy, and combining the free trade zone construction, Tianfu Mercantile Exchange resolves the problems concerning the information flow of goods, as well as the domestic and international delivery of goods, and it is also devoted to fully activating the financial and Internet attribute of the industry, realizing the international trade of wood, and promoting the innovative development of the industry, said by President Liu Angsheng speaking of China International Timber Network.

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