The 2020 GIB Global Investment Bank (Internal Schedule) International Conference will be held online from July 18, 2020, to July 19, 2020.

Introduction: The 2020 GIB Global Investment Bank (Internal Schedule) International Conference will be held online on July 18, 2020. Meanwhile, special guests from the political and business circles will attend and discuss the new era of banking reformation and innovation.

Financial Management Encryption Creates A Brighter Future. 

Be co-hosted by AFF Multi-finance Group, the 2020 GIB Global Investment Bank International Conference will be held from July 18, 2020, to July 19, 2020.

While technology has caused considerable innovation in recent decades, a significant impact driven from the Internet affected the financial industry extraordinarily, which has caused unprecedented reformations and transformations in the form of financial products and services, and therefore massively contributed to banking reformation and innovation.

In the past two years, our country has vigorously promoted the new infrastructure creation, and provided excellent data storage support for the development of 5G, AI, cloud computing, blockchain technology, and many other industrial directions, thus providing an opportunity for the digital transformation of the financial industry. With the support of such a huge data industry, the banking industry will also become more convenient and efficient.

GIB Global Investment Bank: Online Banking Modernization & Financial Services Internationalization 

The GIB Global Investment Bank was established in the United States in 2019. It is an international online bank established by AFF Multi-finance Group with the goal of providing the world's leading fund management services. Committed to creating a stable and safe trading platform for users in order to provide the most competitive trading environment in the market, GIB Global Investment Bank also thrives to providing users more uncomplicated and more convenient recharge and cash withdrawal services. Always being customer-centric, the professional customer service team dedicates to analyze and provide market quotes that are practical and feasible.

As the world's top online banking service, ​​GIB Global Investment Bank reflects its core values in three main aspects: banking modernization, banking services customization, and commercial credit services professionalization:

Banking Services Modernization: 
By combining and integrating cutting-edge innovative technologies, such as machine learning and distributed ledger technology, ​​GIB Global Investment Bank is capable of providing customers with high-quality financial solutions quickly and efficiently.

Banking Services Customization: 
Due to the complex and ever-changing development environment of the banking industry, it is difficult for customers to understand and engage with various types of multiple banking services. Under this situation, the senior experts of GIB Global Investment Bank will provide customers with tailor-made financial solutions that meet their needs with 100% confidence.

Commercial Credit Services Professionalization: 
GIB Global Investment Bank is committed to building an open, transparent, and highly reliable service platform to gain recognition and appreciation from customers and industrial professionals.

In terms of specific financial services, the most significant business segment of GIB Global Investment Bank comes from digital banking services. Digital banking services aim to provide users with convenient asset management tools and professional digital asset financial services to create the most abundant asset returns, including personal banking, commercial banking, digital asset management, investment, and financial management. Overall, GIB Global Investment Bank is an expert in offering professional digital banking services to both individual customers and enterprise investors.

The global financial services provided by GIB Global Investment Bank include but are not limited to investment banking, market-making, foreign exchange, US stocks investment, precious metal investment, cryptocurrencies, indices trading, hedging funds, futures trading, and options trading. The self-circulating GUSDT currency will be widely used in global investment within the digital banking business ecosystem of GIB.

Guests Of Honor Will Be Invited To Discuss The Development Trends Of The Financial Industry.

Political and business professionals are invited to the conference. In addition to the CEOs of GIB Global Investment Bank, Benedict Cotte and Chair Dr. Lain Gray, Ji Xiaonan, assistant researcher of the China Society of Economic Reform affiliated to State Commission for Restructuring the Economic System PRC, Yunchun Hou, Vice-minister of the Research Office of the State Council, Vice-minister of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Deputy Director-general of the Department of Industry Management of the Ministry of Internal Trade, De Li, former Deputy Bureau Director-general of the Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China, Qilei An, former Deputy Bureau Director-general of Financial Stability Board, Zhichuan Cai, and Xiaoming Cheng, a Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the originator of National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and an in-depth research expert on blockchain investment bank will also be here to share their perspectives. In addition, many KOLs of the blockchain industry will also be invited to discuss the financial industry's development trends.

The co-founder of this conference, AFF Multi-finance Group, is the parent company of GIB Global Investment Bank. As a cross-industrial, modernized, and diversified technology financial group, AFF Multi-finance Group has the international top management experts and technical teams that specialize in the legal profession, accounting, digital banking, telecommunications, and blockchain technology, aligning with the business strategy of expanding their business to diversified industries that have growth prospects, significant competitive advantages, and potential expansion to various applications. 

While providing customers with convenient, safe, and targeted financial services, the GIB Global Investment Bank is also continually expanding to other industries. At present, the GIB Global Investment Banking ecosystem has expanded to industries include but are not limited to travel, hotels, social networking, and catering with its layout in cross-border payment, remittance, cross-border e-commerce, and digital bank cards. In the near future, the expanded business of GIB Global Investment Bank will interact with each other to achieve considerable development.

While digitalization is an inevitable trend across the globe, digital transformation is the general trend of the banking industry. With the implementation of information technology such as big data and blockchain, the banking industry and the financial industry are ready for a bright future.

Join us on July 18, 2020, to witness this meaningful moment and discover a whole new era of digital banking!

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