The 2019 (14th) Annual Business Model China Summit has come to a successful conclusion

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Wisdom&Create changes the future.

The forum with “Wisdom&Create/ Change the Future” as the theme, BIZ Media Group chairman Liu Qihui, PreIPO Capital chairman Wu Kezhong, CKGSB’s vice president Teng Binsheng, Hurun China Rich List chairman and chief investigator Rupert Hoogewerf, Economist Jin Yanshi, Jiazhou Business Media chairman Zheng Xiangzhou, FC Financial Holding managing partner and president Lidong, 1919 Wines&Sprite Importer and Retailer chairman Yang Lingjiang, Deep Blue Technology chairman Chen Haibo, SITECH DEV chairman Xianyue and many other entrepreneurs, experts and scholars attended the meeting. In addition, there are hundreds of industry leading enterprises and investment institutions represented.

Starting from their own enterprises and industrial development, the speakers shared their insights on such hot topics as enterprise innovation, manufacturing prospect and intelligent industry empowerment.

As Zhou Yuncheng, CEO of BIZ Media Group, said in his speech at the summit: “All changes have no starting points, and all reforms have no ending points.” The growth of enterprises and the replacement of business models should be built on the good business trends advanced. To embrace the dividend of the times, and act in line with the trends.

Then Zheng Xiangzhou, who is the Jiazhou Business Media Chairman and Business Model Design Expert, also talked about that enterprises and investors are not to do the best, but to avoid the worst. Doing investment is not bear but wait, and it is not to overcome others, but to overcome their own.

In addition to the informative keynote speech, the summit also witnessed the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between PreIPO Capital and Hurun China Rich List. The two sides jointly released the PreIPO Capital and Hurun China Rich List innovation fund, the award of business model in 2019, and the annual business model canvas speech of outstanding representative enterprises.

Agreement through evaluation committee review, summit selected the 11 companies performed very well in the past year. Deep Blue Technology got the 2019 Annual Business Model Innovation of Science and Technology. A total of 10 enterprises won the Annual Business Model, they are: KITU SPORTS, Dahan Holding Group, JUSDA, XIAOYANG EDU, AMILIRE, SITECH DEV, NEXAIOT, SHICHULIAN, Baidu Beijing Branch,HUAZHI IMT

After the agenda in the morning, in the afternoon we received wonderful sharing from FC Financial Holding managing partner and president Li Dong, Founder of CLPA China Limited Partner Alliance, Xinxing Investment chairman and CEO Xu Gang, and PreIPO Capital chairman Wu Kezhong. A high-end round table forum on the topic of “Capital” and “Industrial Capacity” was launched.

Through this summit, we will take the economic trends of 2019 into accounting and grafting the cooperation among enterprises, capital, think tanks and high-end circle resources from all walks of life. We wish to do our best to help China move faster and better into the next era. At this point, the Annual Business Model China Summit and the first FC Financial Holding Innovation Energizing Industry Forum came to a successful conclusion.


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