The #1 Turnkey Management Solution For Meal Prep Delivery is a web solution built exclusively for any meal prep delivery business. With this system, once a customer processes an order, reports are automatically generated in real-time.

There are hundreds of meal prep companies across the country and several more across the globe. Each and every one of these businesses suffer from one major issue. Managing their orders, a working e-commerce system, and scaling their business and kitchen symbiotically.

That’s why the team at believes their product will revolutionize this industry. “Our technology manages all their ordering operations, kitchen reports, packaging and fulfillment needs, and even integrates their marketing operations. When we met with chefs and business managers we made sure to build a system they needed” says founder Michael Rapoport.

Kitchen chefs, store managers, and owners alike are spending up to 10 hours a week creating excel reports manually, printing out labels one-by-one, managing customer orders, constantly switching a menu every week, and dealing with countless complaints from faulty and buggy systems. And if they have a few hours to spare a week they try to do some marketing. It’s so demanding that most business owners barely have any time to grow their business. On top of that, without having any understanding of how to properly integrate marketing into their web solution or having access to data to make effective campaigns, meal prep businesses are left spending hundreds of dollars more per customer acquisition.

Current solutions are limited with the average business utilizing web platforms with template designs on WordPress or Shopify site and attempt to hack it to work to their needs, but in reality these business owners know it’s not a viable solution. Rather these websites are more like a quick bandaid to an unsolved problem.

Meet, the first turnkey management system built for meal prep companies. When creating this platform, the company interviewed several companies before even starting the development process. They compiled a 20-page document - from four companies in different regions, comprising of over 100 features that were needed to make the process more sustainable, efficient, and scalable for any business owner running a meal prep business.

3 years later, it shows. With some of the highest conversion rates in the industry, companies utilizing are completely automating almost every aspect of their business. Furthermore, these companies are also running automated marketing campaigns to improve customer relationship and increase sales. This allows them to build out their business to offer more store and franchise locations.

Simply put, is a system built to automate all aspects of a meal prep business. Spending hours manually creating cooking reports, shopping lists, and packaging reports are a thing of the past. Everything in Sprwt is done in real-time. The moment an order is processed, you immediately receive consolidated reports as to what needs to be purchased, cooked, and delivered. Labels are automatically generated and have your company’s information, meal information, customer information and most importantly nutritional information all with a single click of a button. customers also have the ability to expand their business with the pickup hub and reseller program. With this system, customers can choose whether to have their meals delivered to their home or a partnered pickup location such as a local gym or pharmacy. The reseller program gives business owners the ability to partner with these hubs and offer a percentage of revenue from all sales generated from the usage of that hub. With this reseller program, business owners can rest assured their company continues to grow and the process is streamlined and fully automated. Pickup Reports and Reseller Reports are created in real time with no additional accounting required.

Sprwt has a built-in procurement system to assist and automate the task of every kitchen. The system calculates the cost of each dish and can also calculate the trim/waste percentage for more accurate purchasing. Need 4oz of chicken but you know you lose 25% during the prepping and cooking process? No worries. Simply enter the information in the kitchen management tool suite and your shopping list and cooking reports will automatically tell you what you need. No extra clicks, no extra excel work needed, just print Reports when needed and have them sent to your distributors and kitchen staff.

So, what about the annoying bugs and glitches every business owner deals with regarding the ordering process? did several market research studies by recording customer usage on their system and seeing how an individual uses their system to preform a checkout. With this feedback was able to build critical functions to improve customer experience and the systems user interface. has automatic cutoff times, menus that rotate automatically, and most importantly gives every customer their own profile. In a profile, a customer can set their diet preferences, allergens, and dislikes in order to improve the automated ordering process. Too busy to order meals every week? With this is no longer an issue. Any meal prep business can now utilize this meal prep software system to automatically select meals for their customers based on the customers’ diet preferences. Now customers will receive their weekly portion of meals with an algorithm that learns what they like and what they don’t like.

We were already blown away, and then we saw the customer relationship management capabilities that are included. Once orders come through and the sale is processed, every meal prep business needs a way to manage the service from that point. With and its meal prep CRM solution, all of that is handled. You can refund orders, change orders, and pause subscription plans all from the admin dashboard. Looking to send reminders on menu changes? has a SMS text-messaging system built into their platform which can automatically send scheduled messages every week to your customers who have not completed a purchase. is literally the solution every food prep company in the world has been awaiting. The companies that jump on board, are going to skyrocket their growth. After reviewing we realize its the all in one package that can make the difference for companies in its space, and there's not really another solution for this problem like it.

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