Thawing Meat Just Got a Bit Easier

MAX Industrial Microwave is proud to announce the launch of their new microwave thawing machine.

MAX Industrial Microwave is proud to announce the launch of their new microwave thawing machine. After much research and testing, the company has perfected their defrost and thawing applications for chicken, beef, fish, pork, shrimp, and a wide array of pet food meat and other sundry products. The MAX microwave thawing machine can be used to safely and quickly thaw frozen meat to help accelerate and optimize the cooking process for users of all kinds.

The MAX industrial microwave is designed to be operated safely and easily. The thawing and defrosting is done by utilizing a rapidly rising temperature that scales from -20~-18℃ to -4 ℃~0℃. This range easily defrosts the frozen meat. It also uses 915 Mhz, which is able to better penetrate frozen material to defrost sea food, meat, and other materials. And with MAX Industrial Microwave’s latest creation, users don’t have to worry about keeping batches small. The machine is capable of continuously defrosting large amounts of meat and other material and boasts a capacity range that starts at 500 Kg/h and increases by 500 Kg/h increments. The maximum capacity is 3000 Kg/h. The end result of these innovative features is an easy-to-operate and use machine that doesn’t fill the air with noise or pollution.

MAX Industrial Microwave also offers a microwave batch oven. This larger microwave oven machine is meant for commercial use as well as placement in universities and institutions interested in conducting research with the machine. It is easy to maintain and offers a small, mobile footprint with easy relocation options. Finally, the microwave batch oven is useful for working with large batches of material. It has a temperature thermometer that can be used to help set up the correct processing temperature to adjust and control heat precisely.

In addition to their new microwave thawing machine, MAX Industrial Microwave also offers a tradional microwave belt tunnel conveyor machine. It offers flexible heating, power output, and belt running speed and can be customized to meet consumer needs. It also comes equipped with cameras to help easily inspect material condition. This is a particularly useful option for sterilizing, heating, drying, curing, sintering, vulcanizing, and cooking.

About MAX Industrial Microwave: We manufacture industrial microwave machine including microwave conveyor tunnel machine, microwave batch oven and microwave tunnel thawing machine under the 915Mhz and 250Mhz microwave frequency. We have established the microwave machine business over decades.

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