Terra Reproductions Offers a Wide Range of Braille Signs, Stickers and More

Businesses need to prepare for the future when blindness rates are expected to rise reports Terra Reproductions.

According to Dr. David K. Foot, professor of economics at the University of Toronto and best-selling co-author of Boom, Bust and Echo: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift, Canada, within approximately 20 years, will experience an enormous crisis of low vision and blindness as a result of the baby boom generation reaching their 70's. As a result, businesses need to start making changes now to accommodate these citizens in the future and Terra Reproductions has already taken this step.

"In addition to large document scanning and large format scanning, which many associate us with, we also offer braille stickers, cards and signage to accommodate this growing portion of the population," Trevor, media spokesperson for Terra Reproductions, states.

The Canadian Braille Authority establishes laws and regulations concerning materials making use of Grade 1 braille and Grade 2 braille. Grade 1 braille offers a letter by letter scheme while Grade 2 offers a short-hand version of braille, making use of more than 200 contracted words and word fragments.

"Terra Reproductions provides Grade 2 standard braille business cards, unless customers specifically request otherwise, and all are of high-quality, easy to read and uniform. Business cards continue to be the most common way to promote businesses to consumers and we can assist with designs and logos, lamination and more to ensure you stay on top of your competition," Trevor continues.

In addition to Braille business cards, Terra Reproductions offers braille labels, stickers, tags and decals. All are professional, durable, dishwasher safe, weatherproof and scratch-resistant. Most states and provinces require ADA compliant or braille signage.

"We ensure all signs and installations completed by our company are compliant with ADA regulations and yet we make them both fun and practical. Corporate branding and graphics liven up a sign as does a logo, graphic or silkscreen and all can be added to your braille sign to make it really stand out. Offer signs with a flare, ones which suit your corporate image, whether it be a non-smoking sign, an exit sign or one for a washroom. Braille doesn't mean boring so make sure your sign portrays the image you want it to when it comes to your company and its uniqueness. Terra Reproductions can be of great assistance in creating the braille materials you need to have consumers remembering your company name," Trevor states.

About Terra Reproductions:
In business for more than 40 years, Terra Reproductions continues to provide products for a variety of business sectors, including mapping companies, signage producers and surveying departments. In additional to offering traditional signs, Terra Reproductions specializes in the production of Braille and ADA sign signage. Owned and operated by Robert and Sylvia Vanderkulp, the company primarily focuses on scanning and imaging and, thanks to technology upgrades completed in 2003, can scan a wide range of items, including images 54 inches wide of any length. One of the few companies having the ability to perform microscanning, the company offers Braille printing of many types. Built on a customer first philosophy, Terra Reproductions prides itself on providing consumers with quality products at competitive prices.

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