Tenkiv Nexus Sets Sights On Solving The Clean Water Crisis With Kickstarter Campaign

Tenkiv has developed the Nexus, proposing a clean water and energy revolution that will be funded by ordinary people, with a Kickstarter Campaign aimed at raising $50,000.

Tenkiv, a startup founded in Sacramento in 2014 by Zack Juhasz, has created a Solar Thermal Energy System to power water filtration systems in regions where typical power systems are unavailable or prohibitively expensive. The first of these new water filtration systems, called Nexus, are going to be funded by the Kickstarter campaign the company has just launched, looking to raise $50,000 from members of the public.

Tenkiv has already enjoyed successes with its previous product, the Tekdaqc; data acquisition hardware enjoyed by clients like NASA and ETH Zurich. This new innovation, if successfully funded by its Kickstarter campaign, will allow humanitarian organizations to provide clean water to communities with little to no infrastructure, for a fraction of the cost of existing technologies.

The Tenkiv Nexus is a fully modular renewable energy system that uses heat from the sun to generate power. It does so for 1/13th the cost of existing solar panels (after subsidies), and 1/5th the cost of fossil fuels. When used to purify water, a one-panel Nexus can produce up to 2,000 liters of clean drinking water a day. This makes the Tenkiv Nexus able to sustainably fulfil clean water needs in places with no energy infrastructure.

A spokesperson for Tenkiv explained, “The $50,000 we are seeking will be spent on producing the Nexus water filtration systems, which will serve as a proof of concept for us and a lifechanger for thousands without access to water. Solar energy and water are the two most abundant things on earth, which is why we decided to focus on helping humanity make the most of both. The new solar thermal energy system does this, and we are delighted to report that we have already raised over $15,000 toward our target. We hope more people will come forward, find out what the Nexus is about, and decide to contribute now to the development of a better tomorrow.”

About Tenkiv: Tenkiv is about changing the way we think. About embracing objectivity and data to make intelligent, informed decisions. They have used data to design answers to problems like the world's water crisis, global energy deficit, and climate change. They did this not because it was profitable, or because it was easy, but because it is the right thing to do. They are guided by logic, information and compassion.

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