TendersPage Launches Subscription Services

The procurements monitoring service announces multiple subscription plans that allow users unlimited access to all issued documents, reports tenderspage.com

TendersPage (https://tenderspage.com/) recently announced the introduction of their public procurements monitoring service. The TendersPage service is on a mission to save business owners time and money by giving them direct access to over 50,000 business opportunities per day. Vendors who are ready to expand into new markets can learn more about how TendersPage can help them achieve that goal at tenderspage.com.

Laurent Attali, Founder of TendersPage, stated, “Growing a business takes a lot more than good time and task management or sales skills. Finding success means constantly pursuing new markets and business opportunities that can increase profits and help company owners expand their networks. Public procurements provide a great opportunity for growth, but it can be difficult for business owners to know which ones to go after and to balance their efforts between searching for new opportunities and crafting targeted proposals. TendersPage (https://tenderspage.com/) solves that problem by locating for public procurements for business owners and allowing them to focus on what’s really important.”

TendersPage (https://tenderspage.com/) is the most comprehensive platform in the world to detect public procurements. Within a few minutes, vendors can easily create an account at www.tenderspage.com and find markets that suit them. The platform ensures the daily delivery of 50,000 offers right to a business owner's Inbox, allowing them to spend more of their time creating better proposals that will beat out their competitors.

In addition to its comprehensive nature, TendersPage is also an efficient and user-friendly platform. Once a search profile has been created with specified keywords and geographical areas, users will receive the most recent opportunities matching their business needs.

As Laurent Attali continued, “Those who deal with a ton of procurements regularly probably lose lots of money due to hours spent searching, redundant multi-departmental replies, and proposal writing for procurements that aren't a close enough match to warrant their time in the first place. There are only so many procurements, which means business owners not only need to apply to the right ones, but harness these few by expanding their network with stable partnerships, certified expert support, and mutually-beneficial communication with related companies. TendersPage gives users access to all of this and more. Simply put, it allows vendors to make the most of their current tender search while discovering new tenders that unlock untapped business opportunities and help them stay ahead of the curve."

Learn more about TendersPage and its full suite of features www.tenderspage.com.

About TendersPage:

TendersPage is a public procurements monitoring service that helps business owners find new markets. Their goal is to collect public bids released from all over the world. The site represents 50,000 business opportunities per day (bid, project, and award notices) that translate into 12,000 billion US$ in public purchasing per year or 15 percent of world GDP. The TendersPage search engine has the ability to scan and store tens of thousands of public bids a day from every continent: America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania.

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