Teevus Explains How To Easily Raise Seed Funding for A Startup From Family and Friends

Bootstrapped startups and non-profits often need a relatively small amount of capital to get off the ground.

Crowdfunding sites like kickstarter are very successful but are inadequate for early stage startups looking for just a modest amount of seed capital to simply get their ideas off the ground. The reason is that in order to have a successful crowdfunding project on kickstarter, a really good quality video is needed to tell the story in a captivating way. But this takes time and costs thousands of dollars, both of which startup founders lack.

Teevus (http://teevus.com) is a new crowdfunding site that solves this problem. In addition to providing a platform to raising funding online from the public, it also creates a professional quality pitch video for the startups – free of charge for the first 20 startups who sign up.

Charity campaign fundraisers were the pioneers of crowdfunding because they tap into people's natural affinity to support causes they believe in. Teevus.com is based on the rewards crowdfunding campaign model and taps into the same vein, allowing family, friends and fans to support the startup with small amounts of capital that can add up quickly.

Prior to crowdfunding websites, capturing this type of capital was really painful. Imagine someone calling all of their friends and relatives to ask them for a $25 contribution toward starting a company. Aside from becoming part of everyone's blocked call list, they'd also run into the challenge of actually capturing all of those contributions.

The ability to send out a single message to an entire network, solicit support, and capture funds instantly removes all of these roadblocks.

For this type of funding, the affinity capital typically runs between $5000 and $20000.

Teevus.com, which charges a small fee at the completion of the crowdfunding campaign is already live and fully operational.

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