Ted Thomas Announces Newly Updated and Revised Tax Lien Investing Training Materials

Just-released new editions of industry's most successful and popular tax lien investing resources reflect most recent regulatory and economic developments, are available immediately at TedThomas.com.

Ted Thomas, an internationally recognized authority on tax lien investing, announced that he has released revised, expanded versions of his popular educational courses at his company's website. The updated versions of the courses reflect the current state of the real estate and tax lien markets in the United States and other covered countries and detail the significance for investors of a number of recent legal and other developments. Earlier editions of the programs have received extensive coverage in national media outlets including Newsweek and USA Today and have taught over 75,000 investors how to profitably make use of tax liens and related investment strategies.

"The opportunities for investing in tax liens keep multiplying, all around the world" Thomas stated, "and the freshly updated versions of my tutorials will help even novice investors take advantage of them." Government authorities place tax liens on properties when their owners fail to pay property taxes and other obligations. Rather than trying to collect on these liens themselves, most governmental holders sell them at auction to private investors. The new owners of these liens then become entitled to regular payments from the property owners, typically with substantial interest, and may foreclose on the covered properties if the owners default. For over 20 years, Ted Thomas has been a leading force for educating small, individual investors how to secure substantial profits from such opportunities.

Thomas' offerings include everything from simple, introductory guides and videos to books conveying the most advanced and sophisticated tax lien investing strategies. He has published more than 30 books all told, many of which have been translated into languages other than English and released internationally in forms tailored to the countries they were destined for. He offers free resources at his website which guide completely inexperienced investors through the process of making their first investments into tax liens, like the well-known 'Ted Thomas Explains Tax Deed Investing,' as well as paid programs for more advanced and dedicated students. Many of his students over the years have recorded average annual returns on their investments of 25% or more, making his programs some of the most successful of all at enabling small investors to take charge of their financial destinies.

"Much has changed since the last editions of our tutorials and guidebooks were released several years back," Thomas continued, "and our newly revamped materials will help ensure that investors have the latest, most current information and strategies available to them." Although the basic principles underlying tax lien investing have stayed fairly stable over the years, regulatory and economic developments invariably need to be taken into account when assessing the potential of particular opportunities. By updating most of the educational materials available through his website, Ted Thomas ensures that those who take advantage of the resources will be able to make the most informed, incisive decisions possible.

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The leading authority on tax lien investing, Ted Thomas has been helping individual investors take advantage of these little-known opportunities for more than 20 years. His programs and successes have been covered extensively by national media outlets and have led to increased financial security for more than 75,000 students, all told.

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