TechPat’s Releases New Patent Monetization Whitepaper Helping Corporations Leverage IP

In this whitepaper, corporations learn the key factors to consider when building an intellectual property program, deciding when to pursue IP litigation and getting the most out of their patent portfolio before they expire.

TechPats has released a new patent monetization whitepaper titled “3.5 Patent Monetization Tips for Greater Overall Portfolio Return.” This new whitepaper helps corporations learn the key factors to consider when building their own intellectual property program. The whitepaper also serves to educate corporations on when they need to consider pursuing intellectual property litigation and gives specific tips on how they can get the most out of their patent portfolio. TechPats released the patent monetization whitepaper on June 16, 2014 as a free download for corporations on their website (

The tips included in the whitepaper cover:
1. Patent uses and specific ways to use IP licensing and litigation opportunities in unrelated industries.
2. Building an IP portfolio management program that evaluates current patents and evaluates core assets to strategically build an intellectual property portfolio.
3. Executing a patent monetization strategy for evaluating expenses and potential payoffs based on the IP monetization approach
4. Tips for pruning the portfolio to eliminate poorly performing patents

The patent monetization whitepaper was produced by Charles Eldering, Ph.D. Charles spent nearly 20 years as a researcher, engineer and inventor in the electronics and telecommunications and optics industries before founding TechPats in 1998. He has spoken on numerous panels on the topics of patent monetization and intellectual property portfolio management. Most recently, Charles was asked to speak at the IP Strategy Summit in Silicon Valley in May 2014. Charles’s goal during the panel was, “To focus on helping summit attendees understand how to combine technical, legal and business aspects of patents for improved IP portfolio management.” Charles has also spoken extensively on the America Invents Act (AIA)

TechPats has been a leader in the Intellectual Property and Patents space for over 30 years ( TechPats primarily helps Corporations, Attorneys, Investors, and Business owners with portfolio development and management, patent mining, IP monetization, claim charts and reverse engineering. A full list of the services offered by TechPats can be found at (

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