Technology Helping SMEs Cut Marketing Costs While Increasing Their Brand Awareness During The COVID-19 Crisis

Having an online presence and an effective outreach strategy is vital for business survival now and even more so in the future. It is possible for businesses to leverage technology to accomplish this easily and effectively.

Many retailers and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) are suffering huge losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Singapore’s retail sales reported its biggest fall in 22 years, in March 2020. The results from a survey done by Chope, a restaurant reservations platform in Singapore, reflected the similar devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on F&B businesses.

93% of these traditional businesses reported a sharp drop in revenue, and 78% reportedly will not last more than six months if the situation does not improve quickly. As there is no way to predict the end of this pandemic, most businesses believe that waiting for the situation to improve by itself is no longer an option. Instead, more businesses are leveraging innovative ways to incorporate digital technology to pivot from their original sales model and to start capturing interest and sales online.

This pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation, especially for traditional businesses like retailers and hawkers, as regular walk-in patronage became difficult with movement control measures in place almost everywhere. As many traditional businesses are not familiar with e-commerce and the digital realm, a rise in technological companies and agencies stepping forward with their expertise to help and assist those in need has been witnessed in Singapore.

One such agency is EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency, which has successfully helped many traditional businesses make the necessary digital transformation. They were able to accelerate the transformation process for these businesses to set up their online presence, broaden their reach, and increase their brand awareness by tapping on technology.

EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency revealed that the technology that allowed them to help more businesses swiftly and efficiently during current challenging conditions is advertising technology or AdTech from V-MORE, an Asian-based advert dollar sharing platform with an e-commerce ecosystem.

In a nutshell, V-MORE AdTech is an easy-to-use platform for businesses to establish a prominent digital presence and capture meaningful attention from V-MORE users and shoppers that will potentially increase their sales.

Mr. Desmond Chua, the founder of Knovus Floral Studio, who benefitted from V-MORE’s AdTech, said, “The user interface is awesome, and it helped my business tide through this period of crisis. My businesses were primarily offline, and this advertisement technology has helped me direct traffic to my online store, allowing my businesses to continue on.”

While V-MORE’s Adtech is intuitive for users, its effectiveness and positive results can be further amplified with detailed planning, budget planning, comprehensive analysis, and more. This is where professional marketing agencies’ assistance, like from EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency, will prove instrumental to the successes for traditional businesses.

“Our mission is to help SMEs cut their marketing costs and increase their marketing ROI”, said Mr. Toh Zuan Long, Managing Director of EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency.

SMEs no longer need to spend precious time and effort in learning new technology or experimenting with valuable resources for optimal results. With all the heavy lifting professionally done by EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency, business owners can concentrate on beefing up their operations with potential increases in sales.

Having an online presence and an effective outreach strategy is vital for business survival now and even more so in the future. There is no better time for traditional businesses to establish these now, especially with helpful technologies made available and gracious assistance offered by empathetic marketing agencies like EmpowerPlus Marketing Agency.

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