Techcommanders Releases “Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions”

With the blockchain promising to revolutionize virtually every sector and industry, Techcommanders has come up with a very comprehensive reference and training guide called “Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions”.

Written by Joe Holbrook, and published by Wiley , the book will be of interest to technical experts, management and sales and even IT executives who want to understand what blockchain technologies are all about.

“Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions” makes blockchain really ‘understood’ from various technical and non-technical perspectives. For engineers and IT admins, the book explains the complex architecture of blockchain applications in enterprise environments. The material covers various intricacies of creating decentralized apps, securing and supporting blockchain networks, and deploying blockchain into existing enterprise IT infrastructure.

“This book aims to help enterprise IT professionals get an in-depth, practical knowledge of blockchain technologies and development of applications. It also shows how to create a decentralized app and implement it in a high performance network,” says Joe Holbrook.

“Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions” tackles complex topics such building a blockchain network with Hyperledger Fabric deployment. A complete overview of blockchain business models, governance structure, business design considerations, and best practices of blockchain solutions are also included.

Among other things, the book contains real world case studies, illustrations and exercises for programming that reveal how blockchain can fit into an enterprise and ways to deploy and manage these applications. The current use and future of enterprise blockchains is also discussed.

Techcommanders is a unique training platform for all things tech, founded by US Navy veteran and an acknowledged guru of Cloud and IT, Joe Holbrook. Joe created Techcommanders to make it a singular ecosystem for receiving expert assistance with the sought after industry certifications.

Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions” is available on major outlets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more in print and eBook formats.

Joe Holbrook, Chief Learning Officer is popularly known as the “Cloud Tech Guy,” with more than 3 decades of experience in Information Technology and over 90 Certifications and Accreditations. Joe has carved a niche for himself in the industry as a technology architect, blogger, and trainer. Joe Holbrook is also considered a foremost expert, training thousands of people on several online platforms, including LinkedIn Learning, O'Reilly, Stormwinds Studios, INE, and Udemy. In line with his passion for impacting lives positively, Joe recently launched an online IT training platform, Techcommanders, to share his wealth of knowledge and experience on different IT skills, including Blockchain, Google Cloud and a host of other subjects.

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