Tech Tribe Releases Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on

A tech company specializing in cell phone accessories is releasing the industry's most durable, high clarity screen protector for iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Tech Tribe's mission is to offer dramatic savings to the consumer by up to 50% off of retail by cutting out the middleman such as large chain retail outlets.

Tech Tribe a cell phone accessory manufacture based out of Southern Louisiana, one of the up and coming suppliers to fill an ever growing demand of cell phone accessories, announces their newest offerings iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus screen protectors.

These premium screen protectors have several key features that set them apart from the tech accessory companies. First of all the material is Japanese PET, which is actually the most durable, yet lightweight material available on the market today.

Tech Tribe’s founder, Daniel Crackower says, “the only thing more durable then these is Tech Tribe’s forthcoming tempered glass screen protectors. The other benefit of the Japanese PET is the extreme clarity.  Even compared to big brand names, these screen protectors are the clearest; offering Full HD clarity. The Japanese PET’s secret is its multi-layer technology; this is what gives it the unparalleled color and clarity contrast. The layers also give extra protection but in a super slim format.  Another problem we wanted to overcome was the bubbles and blurriness that comes along with most screen protectors. This was another benefit of the Japanese PET and ultimately with all these reasons combined that is why we settled on this material even thought it was more expensive then others we considered.”

When talking to Mr. Crackower about the process behind releasing new products, he had this to say, “The reason we developed this product is because currently the number one problem that occurs with smart phones is the screens needing to be replaced due to being scratched, cracked or even shattered. We noticed that the other screen protectors on the market left much to be desired both in the way of protection and clarity. We knew that there were many competitors in the market and we really didn’t want to come out with a “me too” product, we only wanted to launch this if we could offer something special.”

Mr. Crackower says that Tech Tribe is doing something new and innovative in the industry that is pleasing many of their customers. They are able to do this because of the power of the largest online retail platform, “We are able to offer rock bottom prices by completely cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers. Typically our customers can expect to pay 50% off retail prices. Keep in mind that these lower prices do not mean that we sacrifice quality, we actually have only the best materials that we can find and our warranties are the best in the business. In fact on the Tech Tribe screen protectors we offer a lifetime warranty that can be claimed at any time if the product fails to perform. “

You can learn more about Tech Tribe by visiting their website: Also you can purchase their products exclusively on, both the iphone 6 Screen Protector and the iphone 6 Plus Screen Protector

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