Tech Squared Inc. Reports on Cybersecurity Concerns for 2019

Every business must be prioritizing the security of their organization, as 70 percent of businesses fell victim to an attack of some type in 2018, announces

Cyber Security Ventures reports a new business will become the victim of ransomware every 14 seconds this year. Sadly, by 2021, victims will be attacked every 11 seconds. Every business needs to be concerned about this as Datto states businesses are currently spending more than $75 billion a year to recover from these attacks. This amount will only increase as the attacks do. Tech Squared Inc works with clients to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack while protecting companies from attacks of all kinds.

"Every business remains vulnerable to a cyber attack. In fact, Sophos found that 75 percent of businesses that fell victim to a ransomware attack were running endpoint protection software that was up to date. However, criminals still managed to make their way past this software to launch the assault. We work with clients to reduce the risk of this happening, doing so by regularly evaluating a client's system to ensure it remains secure. We take cybersecurity ( seriously, as we know the damage that can be done to a client's business in the event of an attack," Sean Peters, spokesperson for Tech Squared Inc., states.

Forbes recently published an article stating the cybersecurity landscape will change drastically this year. Not only will cybercriminals find new ways to access data, but companies will uncover new ways to prevent these attacks and halt them in their tracks. This needs to be of concern to every business owner, as small businesses that fall victim to an attack are at an increased risk of closing down within six months, as reported by

"The study found that 60 percent of small businesses which are a victim of a cyberattack close their doors within six months. Imagine the time, effort, and money spent to get the venture off the ground and having it wiped out by one attack. Sadly, this happens more than many realize, as approximately 70 percent of businesses were a victim of some type of cyberattack in 2018," Peters continues.

As a result of cybersecurity concerns, many business owners opt to make use of managed services ( Every business needs a customized solution, one that makes use of technology that benefits the company as opposed to the provider. Furthermore, these systems need to add value to the organization while remaining simple and effective. Tech Squared Inc. works with clients to find these solutions.

"Contact us today to learn how we can help your business move forward while remaining secure at all times. We work with clients to implement standardized processes, plan for the future, and evaluate systems routinely to ensure they are still meeting the needs of the business. Anything less is simply not acceptable," Peters declares.

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Tech Squared Inc. has been working with clients since 2002 to ensure their business operations run smoothly. They know that despite the exceptional advances in IT, business hasn't gotten any simpler. That's why the team has dedicated themselves to un-complicating the clients' business technology so they can focus on their core goals and growth instead. "Think Simple" is always on Tech Squared Inc.'s minds. Their vision is one of businesses empowered by technology that just works and doesn't drain time and money.

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