Teacher Turns 2009's Most Dangerous Neighborhood into Tourist Attraction; 35000 Tour Goers

Cincinnati, Ohio teacher, Jerome Gels, turns the most dangerous neighborhood in American into a tourist attraction that helps promote revitalization, entertains and educates tourists. Accolades from National Geographic & Midwest Living.

The Queen City Underground Tour has quickly become one of the hottest events for those looking for things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio. This tour is the creation of the American Legacy Tours that began with the popular Newport Gangster Tour back in 2009. The Queen City Underground Tour started in 2010 at Over-the-Rhine. The first year, 5000 tourists enjoyed the entertainment and education this tour provides. There were 10,000 tourists who showed up during the 2011 tours and 25,000 who made it a point to take the tour in 2012.

Part of that popularity is in the knowledge of what an integral part of American history is to be found in this location. Jerome Gels II, says, "The history in Over-The-Rhine and Cincinnati in general is important on a National Level, the idea that it is forgotten was just shameful."

Rated number two Underground Tour on the National Geographic Website last fall and rated as the favorite tour of the travel writers in Midwest Living Magazine, it is no wonder that thousands are making it a point to experience the Queen City Underground Tour for themselves. The founders include Jerome Gels II, teacher and entrepreneur, his father and researcher Jerome Gels I, Brad Hill and Dave Kohake, high school friends and businessman, and Jerome Gels' sister and designer, Laura Gels. Their goals are to promote revitalization and crime reduction in the Over-The-Rhine area, as well as promote enjoyable and educational historical tours.

Gels II adds, "Obviously the Tunnels and Crypts we visit spark curiosity, but it is our delivery of the tours that make the experience so special."

About American Legacy Tours:
Founded in 2008 by a group of friends that wanted to make history engaging and interesting for everyone, the first tour was created, the Newport Gangster Tour which was initially a fund raising event for student travel. This tour became so successful that it has continued on and American Legacy Tours has become a renowned tourist event production company. Over 35000 people attended tours by American Legacy Tours last year. Additional tours have been added throughout the years including the Queen City Underground Tour, a Civil War Cincinnati Tour and two paranormal tours that occur every October.

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