TBOTECH Safety & Security Launches Brand New Trucker Self-Defense Kit

The new kit gives truckers several options they can use to help protect and defend themselves, reports www.tbotech.com.

TBOTECH Safety & Security, the internet’s premier distributor of premium self-defense products, is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new product. The company is now making their Trucker Self-Defense Kit available to help those in the trucking industry stay safe during their travels. The new kit gives truckers several objects they can use to help protect and defend themselves against the unique dangers they face and can be purchased at the TBOTECH website.

“For a lot of truckers, their vehicle is their home. Many of them sleep is their cabs, which can put them at tremendous risk for harm. Carrying a firearm isn’t always an option, but truckers still need some way to defend themselves should a worst-case scenario ever take place. Rather than allowing them to fear for their lives, we’ve created something that they can use to ensure their safety. Our Trucker Self-Defense kit comes with several items that will allow them to gain the advantage over a potential attacker and put the odds of winning a fight squarely in their favor,” said Steve Thibeault of TBOTECH Safety & Security.

TBOTECH’s Trucker Self-Defense Kit, available at https://www.tbotech.com/trucker-self-defense-package.htm, includes items that can be strategically placed in a trucker’s cab or on their person to increase their sense of safety and security. These items include a 21-inch telescopic steel baton with a glass-breaker end cap that can be used as a striking weapon, pepper gel that sticks to an attacker’s face and is easy to clean up, and a heart-shaped ready knife that packs a serious punch if a trucker is personally attacked.

Thibeault went on to say, “Truckers have so many things to be concerned about while on the road. Not being able to defend themselves in a dangerous situation shouldn’t be one of them. We’re thrilled to be able to provide them with what they need to stay safe and rest well as they go about their travels each day.”

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About TBOTECH Safety & Security:

Steve Thibeault founded TBO-TECH Self Defense Products in April of 2000 while serving his last tour of an 11-year career in the United States Army. Along with his wife Jennifer, they have developed TBO-TECH Self Defense Products into a major internet distributor of premium self-defense products. Their range includes stun devices, pepper sprays, defense kits, and home security alarms.

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