Tax Returned Ltd Uses Social Media To Advertise Their Tax Rebate Claim Service And Increase Audience Interaction

Over the course of just three years, Tax Returned Limited has become a leading online tax company through the use of innovative online advertising.

It’s a prospect dreaded by taxpayers everywhere: the tax authorities have made an error in assigning your tax code, and you’ve been overpaying tax as a result. The only path to resolving this issue involves navigating through a labyrinthine bureaucracy and enduring a hefty waiting period. Worse still, this correction will not be made without a request from the taxpayer, meaning overpaid tax could potentially be lost forever if a claim is not made. To simplify this process, Tax Returned developed an online service for UK taxpayers wishing to reclaim their overpaid tax, handling any interactions with HM Revenue & Customs on their behalf, and dealing with any resulting complications.

Using social media as a primary advertising platform, Tax Returned’s website serves as a hub, providing a means of applying for a tax rebate claim whilst also serving an educational purpose. Ample information is provided on the gamut of deductions taxpayers are eligible to claim, ranging from mileage allowances to maintenance on uniforms, as well as those unique to certain industries.

In an effort to further simplify tax refunds, Tax Returned has instigated a robust customer service solution, giving clients the option to request follow-ups and further information through an email system that handles hundreds of queries on a daily basis. The Customer Service team is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to give advice on all things tax-related.

“Our view is that our service is comprised of two parts: education and service”, said a spokesperson for Tax Returned ( “Using social media and our website, we can get the message across to taxpayers that they may be due tax back from the taxman, and inform them about how to claim it back. That being said, all efforts to expand reach and audience interaction with our service would be for nothing if we can’t provide a seamless user journey that clients feel is worthwhile. That’s why we place such a heavy emphasis on Customer Service, giving each client the chance to discuss their claim with a knowledgeable operator at any time. We’re very proud of our turnaround time in customer queries, which currently stands at 24 hours, and are always looking for ways to whittle that down even further.”

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