Tax Plan For Wealth Launches Distinctive Advanced Financial Freedom Plan

This first-of-its-kind plan offers clients the opportunity to reduce their tax burdens while building wealth, publishes

Americans paid an estimated $1.4 trillion in individual income taxes during the last year for which information has been made available according to recently released data from the IRS. Authorities in the financial sector point out totals like these are consuming a considerable portion of people's disposable income while placing a damper on their long-term financial planning efforts.

In an effort to cater to those looking for solutions to this issue, David, the Lead Tax Planner with Tax Plan for Wealth, Inc. has launched the firm's Advanced Financial Freedom Plan. This plan is the first of its kind to be introduced to the public and introduces a number of unprecedented alternatives for those hoping to maximize their income and savings.

"If you've worked all your life developing your wealth, then you know it's not what you make but what you keep that matters most," said the company's Lead Tax Planner. "As tax planners, we engineer various strategies and tax efficiency plans designed to allow clients to truly take control of their income taxes with the long term in mind. Our goal is to help achieve financial freedom for each of our clients, and we've already helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars in wealth they would've otherwise lost. We've developed a system guaranteed to generate returns without increasing the risks typically involved in investing. We're proud to say this isn't an option available with other alternatives."

Among the primary features of the Advanced Financial Freedom Plan is its capacity to potentially save clients as much as 50 percent on their income taxes across a twenty-year time frame due to its efforts to reduce taxes. The program additionally promises enrollees an opportunity to eliminate Medicare surcharges and reduce required minimum distributions in regard to their retirement accounts. Each client receives a personalized analysis of his or her finances as well as short and long-term goals in order to determine a customized approach to the process.

Qualified enrollees are granted access to Tax Plan for Wealth's Elite Private Client Group. This affords members a number of additional resources, including complimentary cash flow forecasts and investment account balance sheets. Further explanations regarding the impact of such assets on members' taxes are likewise provided.

Concluded the firm's Lead Tax Planner, "When it comes to managing wealth, we all know that better investment returns equates to more money. Most of us also understand that reduced investment risk means more wealth safety. Usually, though, we can't have them both and need to choose the priority of greater returns or more safety. With our tax planning strategies, we offer both. Reduced income taxes helps Increase Net Wealth for our clients without increasing risk; in turn, more wealth generates more retirement safety."

About Tax Plan for Wealth, Inc.:

With experts in the full range of financial planning and wealth management disciplines, Tax Plan for Wealth, Inc. strives to help create financial freedom for all its clients via tax-efficient income strategies meeting with fiduciary standards. The company proudly offers specialized techniques and individualized services not available through big brand companies and uses its unique approach to obtain massive long term tax reductions and wealth increases for its clients.

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