Tarmal Steel Continues East African Success Story With Introduction Of Power Steel

African company has grown steadily over twenty five years from humble beginnings to global technological innovators.

The steel industry, which started in Sheffield, United Kingdom, has since spread worldwide and has long been an absolute essential to engineering and construction ranging from skyscrapers to airplanes. While steel may seem to be a simple alloy, the methods of creating steel have been evolving since 300 BC, and the oldest recorded steel comes from Africa in 1400 BC. It seems steel has come full circle then, as Tarmal steel of East Africa have discovered a new way of manufacturing steel for reinforcing bars which they call Power Steel.

Although the specific details of their process are still shrouded in secrecy to prevent industrial sabotage, the company claim that they have run their new product through a battery of tests and discovered it far outshines the minimum standards required by KEBS, while still being a competitively priced product for the construction industry to rely on.

The Power Steel reinforcing bars were created using innovation from African engineers using important German and French technology, improving their manufacturing process and producing cleaner and purer steel using state of the art laboratories to improve the mechanical and chemical properties of their products.

A spokesperson for Tarmal steel explained, “This new steel has been created to maximize the specific beneficial qualities of steel within the context of reinforcement bars themselves, specifically strength, durability and ductility. Other features of steel that are important to its other uses, in knives for instance or in lightweight components, affect the balance of the elements within the alloy. We have optimized our new alloy for this use to create the best reinforcement bar product available anywhere on the market, and are proud that this new steel comes from the same place as the first steel. Kenya steel is the best there was, and now, the best there is.”

About Tarmal Steel
Tarmal is a notable success story in the steel industry. It has grown from a hardware shop 25 years ago into a company with an annual capacity of over 100,000 metric tonnes; making it one of the leading manufacturers of steel and associated products in East Africa. The company has recently developed a unique method of manufacturing steel that gives it enhanced durability far beyond the minimum accepted safe standards.

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